Monday, April 16, 2007

How much do you love your library?

Happy National Library Week!

If you are particularly passionate about libraries, you can enter Thomson Gale's "I love my library" video contest, with a $10,000 prize. $5,000 of the winnings will go to the maker of the video; the other $5,000 will go to the library of the winner's choice. The contest is to publicize Thomson Gale's launch of librareo, a new online community for people who love libraries (and who doesn't?).

I don't know if Virginial Gal has a video camera, but she is one of the most passionate supporters of libraries I know, and making an award-winning video would give her something more fun to think about than MBA classes. I bet she and Molly Malone could cook up something fun between the two of them (and it would give Molly something more fun to think about than that blasted thesis).

Click here for more information about the contest.

Have you hugged your library today?


  1. That would be cool, but what kind of concept could Molly and I come up with?

  2. I bet Molly would have some good ideas (assuming she has any brain cells left after her enormous thesis effort!). Would you really be interested? Let me think about it and look more closely at the site for details.

  3. I'd love to do it!!! Let's put our thinking caps on and see if maybe we can come up with a cute concept, something original but that conveys my love of libraries. Hmm...

  4. NO BRAIN CELLS LEFT! ... must regain mojo for finishing thesis. ... must eat humans' brains. grrr. (dribble, dribble)

    ... VA Gal, try to catch me, soon.

  5. Hmmm...sounds like you could do something about libraries...and zombies?


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