Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pet digression...

So we went out to the movies last night (Meet the Robinsons - cute and fun, but no Incredibles), and when we got back, we found our two delinquent marauding cats had ransacked the pantry.

This is nothing unusual (usually we have to keep a thick rubber band around the knobs of the pantry's double doors, but sometimes we forget to put it back on -- you'd think we'd have learned by now!). But what was unusual was that, along with the various cans and jars and bags that they'd knocked onto the floor, ripped open and scattered all over (does anyone else have a cat that can't get enough cheesy pirate's booty?) they'd also knocked down the flashlight that I keep in there -- and when we got back, we found the flashlight on the floor - turned ON - and pointed so the light was shining into the pantry! As if there weren't quite enough light for them to really get into everything, so they had to get the flashlight out, too. Heaven help us!


  1. at least your kitties are resourceful!

  2. Yeah, that's comforting. I'm beginning to think they get up to Pinky-and-the-Brain-like activities at night. When the world is overtaken by cats, you'll know who to blame!


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