Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Library fine scam

I just stumbled across this article about sneaky ways to get out of paying library fines, and I had a lot of fun reading all the comments about it -- especially the one where the library patron called up and tried holding the books hostage as a way to get out of her fines. Maybe you have to be a librarian geek like me to appreciate it, but I had to laugh. We have plenty of patrons at my library who get up to all kinds of funny things to avoid having to pay fines, and we all know who they are and just what they're trying to pull. And we make lots of fun of them after they leave, tee hee.

It's funny to see the different kinds of attitudes people have about fines. Some people hand over the money quite cheerfully, saying they don't mind supporting the library, or that it would have cost even more had they bought the books at a bookstore. Other pay grudgingly and grumpily, evidently believing that we gather up the cash at the end of the day and go out for margaritas or something. there's an idea!


  1. Whether you use the money for the library or for liquored up librarians, sounds like fine dues are going to a good place!

    As for myself, I don't mind paying fines at my municipal library. I figure the library only benefits from me being a slow reader or just too lazy to get in on time. I do hate it at school. There the fines are heftier and the consequences greater. BOO!

  2. Especially with all the tuition you pay!


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