Friday, June 29, 2007

Have you ever dreamed of living in a library?

Wouldn't it be fun, all surrounded by books, with cosy armchairs and maybe a fireplace to read beside? And cats, of course. I enjoyed reading about this library in lovely Chester, Nova Scotia, run by a couple who live and work there. And they have a cat who lives and works there, too. What's not to like? If it weren't for the perpetual lack of funding (which unfortunately plagues way too many libraries), what a wonderful job it would be (especially given those library hours!).


  1. Towards the beginning of the year I read a book by Lisa Tuttle called Silver Bough. One of the characters was an American librarian who took a job at a library in the small fictional town of Appleton. Her little cottage was attached to the library. I very much wanted to be her as I read that book!

    And yes, there'd have to be cats!

  2. Now that's a job I could like!

  3. Hi, Literary Feline - thanks for stopping by. I haven't read anything by Lisa Tuttle - sounds like a fun book! Your description brought to mind a picture book by Sarah Stewart called The Library. Although there unfortunately weren't any cats in it.

    And Deslily - me, too!

  4. AnonymousJune 29, 2007

    I could TOTALLY live in a library - wowzeers! Just reading whatever mood hits me...but the caveat would have to be that no one could check out any of favorite books, cause I'd need them on hand at all times.

  5. mostly i've dreamt of living in places that incoporate food or theatricality. bakeries, farmers markets, cafes, tea shops, wine shops, photography studios, costume studios, theaters, prop studios. food and play pretend for me! though i've always wanted a personal library in my dream house. ... and not just a well stocked study. something huge with chaise lounges and ottomans. "where's molly?" "she's in the library."

  6. Wow, can I come live in your dream house?


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