Thursday, June 21, 2007

You'd probably have to be a total library geek to appreciate this, but...

I had to laugh at this imaginative way of sorting books! I particularly liked the one about Picasso. My kids appreciated the one about the sharks.

Now all I have to do is figure out how I can make this into a fun book display at my library, tee hee.


  1. Those are great! I could look at those all day.

  2. Kind of makes you want to rearrange your bookshelves, just to see if someone notices, doesn't it? :-)

  3. Darla, those are wonderful!! I'd love to show them to my class, once school starts again, just for a neat way to think about things. It sure beats an ordinary catagorizing activity! I'm always into something new and exciting, so thanks for showing us this cool site. (My favorite is the 57 and 75 next to dyslexia, but I'm also quite intrigued by the say yes/say no titles.)

  4. Thanks, Bellezza. I'd love to see what your students come up with, if they try their hands at it!


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