Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thoughtful blogging

The immensely thoughtful Nymeth of Things Mean a Lot left me a nice surprise when I returned from my vacation this month. While I was gone, she nominated me for a Thoughtful Blogger award! She wrote some very nice things about my blog, which are equally true about hers! Thanks, Nymeth - I can't tell you how much fun I've been having writing about books, which are and have always been such an important part of my life. And how amazing it's been to get so much excellent feedback and comments, ideas and book recommendations from people who visit my blog - and people whose blogs I visit.
I am supposed to nominate five other bloggers, and honestly I am at a loss. I think many of the people I would nominate have probably already been nominated, and if they haven't, they should be. The posted list of blogs I regularly visit consists of 100% thoughtful bloggers, and I highly recommend everyone on that list. So I'm breaking the rules and nominating them all!


  1. You are most welcome :) I know what you mean about being at a loss when it comes to passing it on. I've discovered so many great blogs that are written by thoughtful, friendly and interesting people. Blogging has been such a nice experience for me.

  2. I totally agree. It's amazing to build friendships through shared interests with people I've never physically met who live all over the world! I feel so lucky to live in this technological age. Wouldn't people like Emily Dickinson have had a blast?

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you got this one Darla :) It really is amazing how friendships are built between people who never meet. The blogging community has allowed people to meet that never would've met before who share these common interests. I've had the pleasure of meeting people who have literally the exact same taste in books, comics, music, movies, and art as me...now what's the chances of running into someone like that on the street?

    You're certainly one of those people that I've had the pleasure of meeting (a deLint fan for instance...never met one in person!) and one who's highly deserving of a thoughtful blogger award ;)

  4. Thank you! And right back at you, Chris! :-D


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