Saturday, September 15, 2007

I love this idea!

I was reading Jen's blog the other day and found a great post. It talks about children's book writer and illustrator Grace Lin, whose husband, Robert Mercer, recently died of cancer. Apparently, after Robert was diagnosed with cancer, Grace began an incredibly imaginative fundraiser called Robert's Snow, the benefits of which go, in their entirety, to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The fundrasier involved wooden snowflakes that were painted and decorated by many talented children's book authors, then auctioned online.

Please read this post at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast if you are at all interested in learning how you and your blog can support this year's effort. You can sign up to host a children's book illustrator on your blog and link your post about that illustrator (and his or her snowflake for this year) to the auction. If you'd like to help, contact Jules.

I love the idea of the blogging community coming together for this initiative, each of us contributing in a small way that, coordinated with other bloggers, can make a big difference. It illustrates the snowflake metaphor beautifully - one snowflake is a single, lovely, temporary thing - but many snowflakes together can form a blizzard, a force powerful enough to knock people off their feet. Let's hope this project will gather that kind of momentum.

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