Monday, September 24, 2007

The Internet: Is there anything it can't do? (To paraphrase Homer)

(Homer Simpson, that is.)

I love the Internet. I might be addicted. I get the shakes when I'm cut off for too long. I take my laptop on vacation and hang out at free WiFi places to get my fix. I love being able to check the weather when I need to know, rather than sitting in front to the TV or radio to finally hear what it is. I love watching movies and going to imdb to see who's in the movie and what movie I've seen them in (especially when it's an actor I'm going crazy trying to place - or a voice in an animated film). And of course I love stopping by friends' blogs to see what they've been up to and what they've been reading. I just love having access to information at my fingertips - and I love helping people find information when they need it.

I once read something - can't remember where - that said "librarians have an almost undeniable need to locate information and pass it on to people." And I thought, yep, that's me. I guess I'm in the right job!

Anyway, I just came across this most excellent post about where to find archival information on the Internet. It covers so many wonderful resources, from 5,000+ movie reviews at The Balcony Archive and NASA's astronomy picture-of-the-day archive to The Archive's Moving Images library of free movies, films, and videos - and the Calvin and Hobbes archive.

Note to Devinoni at Bracing for the Zombie Apocalypse (and all other zombie fans - I believe Stephanie is among them?): You absolutely must check out the spotlighted movie at the Moving Images library.


  1. OMG, that was HYSTERICAL! I can't wait to share it with other zombie fans. Thanks for posting the link (and for the blog shout-out).

  2. My pleasure - how could I not, given that wonderful video?! My favorite (well one of them, anyway) part of the video was about the gun ownership - if you don't own one it's obviously because you hate the Constitution! What a hoot. Oh, and the mom standing too close to the door - well, DUH. Too, too funny.

  3. I love the Internet too. Sigh, how I miss being able to access it regularly. But hopefully that will be sorted out soon.

  4. Oh, I hope so too. I hate that feeling of being unconnected. Whenever I feel like that I think of M.T. Anderson's Feed and give a little shudder! But I can't help it...


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