Sunday, September 23, 2007

So, this is a little creepy

The next time I'm on an airplane and someone asks me what I'm reading, I think I'm going to feel a little bit suspicious. Why? Read this.

I don't know why this should surprise me, but I guess I'm just a bit too optimistic. And you'd kind of think that they might have something better to do, a more productive way to occupy their time. Without breaking the law, maybe? Sheesh.


  1. Man, that is sad, they want to know why I'm reading some chic lit or some mass market paperback...because its easy to keep my attention on a plane ride - aye! this is another stupid idea in the DoHS hall of fame for stupid ideas.

    ps - that dog looks familiar, LOL.

  2. Man, what will they do next?! So odd.

  3. Oh, VA Gal - I'm sure they were shocked at the cover art on some of your novels - like the Jennifer Weiner that you were always bending the cover back on so no one would see it! :-) And the familiar dog misses you - she knows she's your favorite, you dog lover!

    Ladytink - yup, I agree. Very odd!


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