Thursday, September 20, 2007

A wombat you just want to hug

I find myself checking this book out of my library again and again. My children get a giggle out of it every time - and so do I!

The premise is simple: it follows a most adorable wombat's day-to-day life. At first things are fairly routine:

Morning: Slept. Afternoon: Slept.
Evening: Ate grass. Scratched
Night: Ate grass. Slept

Each of these is events is illustrated by a drawing of the wombat sleeping, eating, and scratching. Eventually he decides that a steady diet of grass is a bit boring.

But things change when the wombat gets some new neighbors (the human kind). He helps them out by fighting a "major battle" with a "flat, hairy creature" (it is, in reality, a doormat). He demands a reward for his bravery and is given a carrot (insert soundtrack of the Hallelujah Chorus here). It is delicious! But how to get more?

The book continues in this simple diary format with delightful accompanying illustrations. Children will love that they understand what is going on when the wombat hasn't a clue (he stays in because "it's raining" - and the illustration shows a lawn sprinkler is the real cause), and they will laugh as they view the world from a wombat's point of view.

I highly recommend this one for readers of all ages. Leave it lying around when your friends come over - I guarantee they will pick it up, read it through, and laugh.Awards: ALA Notable Book, 2004; Young Australian Readers Award (2003); KOALA award for best picture book (2003) - among many others.

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French, illustrated by Bruce Whatley (Clarion Books, 2003)


  1. OK, I'm buying this one :) It'll be for my future kids...yeah, erm...that's it...

  2. That's your story and you're sticking to it, eh? :-)

    (I did the same thing - and now my imaginary kids are actually here and reading them - and most irritatingly, they are under the impression that the books are THEIRS!)

  3. It is! You should see the other pictures - each one's better than the last!

  4. LOL.. that's funny that they are under the impression that the books are THEIRS!.. well.. actually.. they are! They just don't know they have to wait to INHERIT them!

  5. You are so right - lol!

  6. Awwww! Now that's adorable!

  7. That's what we say every time we read the book. I want to bring it home with me! (the wombat, I mean)

  8. I love this book! Thanks for reminding me about it - I will get it for my nephews. :)

  9. My pleasure - let me know how they like it!


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