Monday, October 22, 2007

And the winner is...trick-or-treating!

Of course that's the best part of Halloween when you're a kid! I loved dressing up in my costume and traipsing all over creation with my friends. There was always such a feeling of excitement in the air, like anything could happen. Choosing costumes, making them, picking out the candy to hand out from our house - all these things were so much fun.

So it's not surprising that trick-or-treating came in #1 in the "What did you like best about Halloween when you were a kid" poll. It won with 6 votes. 2nd place was a tie, with 5 votes each for "choosing/making a costume" and "watching spooky movies and shows." "Candy," "haunted houses," and "spooky stories and books" tied for third place with 3 votes each. And in last place came "Halloween parties" and "decorations," with just one vote apiece.

Thanks for voting in the poll, and please share any special memories about your favorite Halloween things when you were a kid - I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I didn't vote in the poll because I don't actually have any childhood Halloween memories *sniff*.

    You see, there is no Halloween in Portugal. We know about it, of course, but there are no traditions and no real celebrations. So this year in England I'm going to experience my very first real Halloween!

  2. I would have loved trick or treating if my mother would have let me! She was never a big fan of asking strangers for candy, so all I was allowed to do was walk once around the block, before dark mind you, and look longingly at other children carrying pillow cases from house to house at midnight!

    I did love watching The Wizard of Oz, which isn't technically a Halloween film, but is there a better witch any where? Not in my mind.

    Now I try to veer from all things evil myself, but I love the parts of Halloween which include decorated cut-out cookies, fun size candy bars, carving pumpkins, reading scary stories. I guess I'll always be a child at heart, and it's so fun to experience the joy of the children at school. Even if we're not allowed to make witches anymore.

  3. I dressed up and went trick-or-treating until I was 13. Then once I hit middle (and high) school I became known for my Halloween parties where everyone dressed up and we just had fun. Sometimes we went trick-or-treating too but so did the rest of the town (I lived in the middle of a "small town" surrounded by a huge town where everyone from all over the county came to trick-or-treat. It was so much fun!

  4. Nymeth - I'm excited that you'll finally be able to experience Halloween!

    Bellezza - that is such a poignant story - watching all those kids in your neighborhood with their pillowcases. But I'm glad you're able to have fun with it now!

    And Ladytink - what a great way to celebrate Halloween. Do you still have Halloween parties?

  5. These days it seems like trick-or-treating is going extinct in favor of planned group activities. I can certainly understand why---it's safer!---but at the same time I feel a certain nostalgic disappointment. Last year we got so few trick-or-treaters that we aren't even going to bother participating this year.

  6. Oh, Heather - that's a shame! I love going trick-or-treating with my kids in our neighborhood, especially these days with everyone so busy all the time that we hardly see each other. It's a great way to connect with them, and for the kids to feel part of a larger community.


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