Monday, October 29, 2007

The ghost in the library...loo!

This is too funny - although, I suppose if I were working alone in the library, I might not find it all that funny. Especially that sound of footsteps - that would creep me out!

I once spent the summer in an apartment in a very old building in Italy. It had that kind of old-fashioned toilet with the pull-chain for flushing. Every so often the toilet would flush by itself. The first time it happened, I was all alone, it was about 11 o'clock at night, and I was reading - what else? - The Shining. Took a dozen years off my life, at least.

I will update you if I hear any more about the ghost in the library loo!


  1. Of all the places to haunt, why in the world would it be a public restroom?!

  2. wow, I can imagine how scary that must have been!

  3. Me, too! Sometimes I'm all alone in my library, and it is definitely a bit creepy to be alone in a building that is meant to be full of busy, reading, studying, people!

    And why the restroom? I don't know - maybe something horrific happened there? Yikes, now I'm scaring myself. :-)


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