Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I know as a librarian I'm not supposed to enjoy anyone cutting up a book, but...

I think I've changed my mind. And if you check out Brian Dettmer's amazing artwork, you might agree with me, too. Here is one photo; for more, check out this blog post. I enjoyed reading through the comments, especially the one the artist left.


  1. These are really cool aren't they? I have no problem cutting up books. I used to be a bookseller and the sad fact is (as I'm sure you are aware) many books end up in dumpsters and if a book can be turned into art instead of garbage I'm all for it!

  2. Darla - I'm with you and Nicola. As a librarian, I'm also aware of the fate of so many books (old, damaged, outdated, or unwanted). Making art out of them seems like a cool alternative.

  3. Those are so neat! Many books just get thrown away when they get old or out of date but this would be a fun and beautiful project!

  4. Yes, I agree with all of you - especially when I sort through all the donations our library gets! I honestly don't know how people can think that some of that stuff is "donatable" - I mean, travel books from the early 80s? And then there are the ones that are covered with mold, smelly and damp. Ick. I have found all kinds of bugs in the bottom of the boxes. So yes, how wonderful to make them into such amazing artwork!

    (I do feel compelled to mention that we get some wonderful donations, too - not only for our booksale but pristine books that we can add to the collection to replace worn out or missing books - as well as bestsellers on a long waiting list!)


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