Monday, November 5, 2007

Librarian takes research out to the woods - and brings back a lost cat!

Last month Kristin Pietrowicz jumped more than 35 feet from a burning building with her little Persian cat, Phoebe, wrapped in a blanket in her arms. When she landed, she shattered her heels, and her cat ran off into the woods behind her apartment building. She was unable to search for Phoebe herself because of her injuries, but when Lynn Turner, a librarian at the Geological Sciences Library at UNC-Chapel Hill, heard about the missing cat, she added Phoebe the list of other cats that she was looking for. She set traps around the woods, catching some highly annoyed raccoons. Occasionally she'd see Phoebe running away, but the cat was so frightened that Turner wasn't able to get close enough to nab her. She found out that Phoebe loves peanut butter, and when she baited the traps with that - success! That little cat managed to survive for almost a month in the woods - with a broken leg. Kristin was delighted to get her brave little kitty back. Aren't librarians the best?

I'm a sucker for a happy ending animal story (but don't even talk to me about Old Yeller. Or Where the Red Fern Grows. Or Sounder. Or The Yearling. Or The Red Pony). Okay, I'll stop now. But if you'd like to read more about Phoebe's rescue, check out this article from The News Observer, and here is an article about events before the recovery of Kristin's cat.

The time change is a great time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. Take a moment to do that!


  1. God I hated Sounder, what a depressing book, probably from that reading in fourth grade has developed my dislike of US Southern fiction (we get it racism and crazy inbred families, if you read one you read'em all!)

  2. That's a sweet story! I love happily ever afters like that. after Hurricane Katrina there were so many missing pets in the newspapers. I don't think they found too many :(

  3. wow, what a story! I'm glad both the kitty and her owner managed to escape the fire and survive.

    And yes, librarians really are the best!

  4. wow that's some story!! Thankfully a great ending too!

    oh man..nothing like listing a bunch of tear-jerker books! lol..I think where the red fern grows.. well.. knowing the book I can't even write that title without tearing up! argh!

  5. What an awesome happy ending!!

  6. Thanks for all your nice comments - I love a happy ending, too! I hate thinking about the poor pets separated from their families during Katrina. It is heartening, though, that I'm hearing pets included in more "official" disaster prevention plans these days. As Lilo says, family means no one gets left behind!

  7. Well, not ALL librarians are the best. But, you are among the elite! That's a good story, too.

  8. Well, not ALL, I suppose - people often tell me horror stories about librarians from when they were kids. But I do have to say that as a whole, librarians are the most conscientious and helpful people I've ever worked with.

    Thanks, Bellezza. :-)

  9. hah I love kittys.
    I didn,t read about the book.

  10. I conquer all the liberians iv,e met were really very kind most of the teachers and staff as well ,ugh except for my 6th grade Middle school Moore . You could not pay me enough to go back to that hellwhole.
    honestly its the ground of hell,I was beaten on, sexualy harassed and assualted nearly litterelly saved by the bell ,and chased circles around Campus nearly every hour sometimes even with the teachers watching ,
    those were darker days though but, enough with that,so anyways back to the matters at hand.
    oh and yes what is the sounder about I do believe I heard something about that.
    oh,and I solomnly agree I love happy endings aswell, nomatter how dramatice or hopless the storie line ,supose thats becuase its how we all wish life 'could be, I think everyone secretly wishes for a happy ending.
    even when watching the sweny todd movie as dramatice as it was I still was kind of hoping something unexpected would happen and end hapilly but, it did,nt for the poor totured sweney from the begining I was hoping he,d atleast see his doduar to keep him from plunging over the edge he never did and totally lost it in the end ,how depressing I wanted to cry,why,why.
    not, that the end was,nt fitting but,well.
    you get the piont.
    feel,free to disregard,challenge or replie to this comment.
    so farewell, again tommarow.

  11. I'm glad you have had good experiences with librarians (aside from your awful middle school - yikes!). And yes, I'm a sucker for a happy ending, too. :-)

  12. oh Iam so sorry to whoever the piture is of are you okay howed you break your legs iam so sorry
    are you alright. did you fall off the mountian iam so sorry are you going to be alright.

  13. though in a nother note "I love
    kittys"! ,huh sorry I sound like a child don,t I.
    please disregard this if you supose it potrays me as a dimwit.

  14. LOL so you thouhgt it sound horrid to , well guess I was,nt the only one who thought so.
    So your a liberian could you tell me how to find a iteresting book becuese I ovbiusly have to read sometime or other but, have absoulutly no disipline to read becuase ia,m not really a book person.
    Queit auctully, Iam interested in everything but,go figure.
    there auctully few pieces of materiel I,ll auctully read.
    thuogh the only things I do
    read is magizines forums comments
    sections and something unike like for example the spirits that hide in the shadow.
    so any recomondations.


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