Friday, November 2, 2007

The Night School tale continues

In this second volume of Matsuri Hino's Vampire Knight manga, the plot is definitely thickening. The love triangle that began in the first book is gaining tension.

Our heroine, Yuki Cross, is the adopted daughter of Headmaster Cross, who runs Cross Academy. His pacifist philosophy is to educate the vampires (the night class) in order to form a bridge between them and humanity. Yuki and her childhood friend, Zero Kiryu, are the Guardians who protect the academy (particularly the day students from the night students).
If you plan to read this series, you might want to stop here to avoid any spoilers to Volume 1.

The night class president is Kaname Kuran. He saved Yuki from a terrifying vampire attack when she was a child, and she has adored him ever since. Plus he's a total hottie, so all the day school girls have massive crushes on him as well. In the first volume, it comes to light that Zero is, in fact, a vampire. There is a difference between vampires who are pureblood (like Kuran) and those who were once human (like Zero). Human-born vampires eventually become mad, completely losing their humanity. Yuki wants to try to help him - but how far is she willing to go? The arrival of an accomplished vampire slayer complicates matters - especially when it becomes clear that he knows exactly what Zero is and warns Yuki to stay away from him.

The story and characters of this series are gaining depth as the series progresses. I am looking forward to seeing how things develop in Volume 3.

There are three volumes of the Vampire Knight series available in the U.S. so far (according to Amazon, anyway). Volume 4 will be available in April, 2008. For a review of Volume 1, click here.

Vampire Knight, Volume 2 by Matsuri Hino (VIZ Media, 2007)


  1. I don't usually read Manga. But this one sounds really good!! I may have to pick it up for my son (and just happen to borrow it from him!)

  2. I've never tried maga but I've always thought it was pretty.

  3. It's a slippery slope, Stephanie - you'll get started with this one, and then next thing you know you'll be reading all kinds of manga! :-) I'd love to know what you - and your son - think of this series.

    Ladytink - it does take a little getting used to (at least it did for me). I find that I tend to be very focused on the text, and sometimes I get confused because I'm not picking up on the cues from the pictures. They function very much together to tell the story, so it's important to slow down and really enjoy the artwork as well. You should try it!

  4. There is this great online comic thing I read three times a week. It's called Girl Genius.

    Not sure you can classify it as manga though.

  5. I like it! Very fun. Thanks for the link!


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