Monday, December 24, 2007

Falling behind...

I guess it's typical to feel behind at this time of year, when everything's so busy, and so many things are going on. I have about a dozen books to talk about, I've been tagged for two memes, and I've sorely been neglecting my poor blog - and all those other blogs that I love to visit! I'm sorry! The one positive thing about it is all the good reading that awaits me when I do get around to visiting everyone again!

Molly Malone has tagged me for a meme, and it's my very first one. Apparently I am supposed to link to the person who tagged me (done), list 8 random facts about myself, and then link to 8 more victims, mwa-ha-ha, who will then link to me and repeat the above rules. This might even be a way of seeing who hasn't given up on me, even though I've been such a lackadaisical blogger lately. I will keep my random facts book-related, I think, just to stay with the theme of my blog.

1. When I'm reading I get so focused on my book that I can carry on entire conversations without even realizing it. This got me into a lot of trouble when I was a kid. I'd be utterly baffled when I got in trouble for something I'd evidently promised my parents I'd do, but I'd have no memory of actually making the promise!

2. My favorite book when I was a kid was called The Ghost in the Swing by Janet Patton Smith. Has anyone else read that? It's out of print now, and one year for Christmas my husband paid an appalling price for a used copy, so now I can reread it whenever I want!

3. I'd rather read than watch TV.

4. I carry a book with me most everywhere - it's insurance against having to wait. Whenever I don't have a book with me, I always end up stuck somewhere with nothing to do!

5. I have read Moby Dick three times. Unfortunately. It's not my favorite book!

6. When I was a kid (maybe 9 or 10 years old) I used to shelve the books for my beloved children's librarian whenever my parents brought me to the public library. I knew where most of them went by heart. Yes, I am a complete and utter geek. And why it took me such a long time to actually get a job in a library, I have no idea!

7. I regularly reread Madeleine L'Engle's A Circle of Quiet.

8. And here's a non-book-related fact: I love learning languages! I've studied French, Spanish and Greek (ancient), and I speak Italian pretty well.

Now, who to tag? I'm so far behind in my blog reading that I wouldn't know if anyone's already been tagged for this one. So, of the many people I'd like to know 8 random things about, I will randomly choose Valentina, Rhinoa, Ladytink (got you back!), Nymeth, Nicola, Heather, Bellezza, and Barbara. That is, if you have time and you feel like it. If not, no worries!

And Ladytink has tagged me for another fun meme! She says: Take the letters of your name and write out a title of a romance novel for it. It's that simple, see if you can actually do it. You can omit the words "A" and "The" from the title to suit your needs if you want. It's a lot harder than it looks but try for help.

Well, who could resist that challenge? So here goes:

Dream Man by Linda Howard
Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught
Ravished by Amanda Quick
Lord of the Storm by Justine Davis
Alinor by Roberta Gellis

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

As far as tagging anyone else - anyone who feels like it, give it a shot. But I must tag Virginia Gal, romance reader extraordinaire! Have fun with that one, VA Gal!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. I wish I had the knack for languages. I envy your love for them!

    I try and always carry a book with me too, and feel lost when I find I forgot to bring it along. My husband always stops at the gas station when I don't have my book with me for example, and I end up reading all the signs around me. Haha

    Have a happy Christmas, Darla!

  2. I think that's so interesting that you read Madeleine's Circle of Quiet every year. So many of her books have met needs in my life, and I've reread several, but never that one. Do you know The Love Letters? That book speaks to me...I wish I knew Italian. I used to speak French fairly fluently, but I've fallen out of the routine as I never go to Paris any more. Languages are fascinating; I got so much from reading the Bible in French. I did an 8 things about me meme a long while back, but I'd be glad to do it again. Thanks for tagging me. Merry Christmas!

  3. thanks for the laugh, yes I can totally do the romance tag - smashing.

    Hey, can you remind me what was the name of that victorian romance novel series, with a vampire twist I believe that you read a while back and thought I would like. I'm finally able to read what I WANT to read and that is on my list.

    ps - you're number 4 is totally me, I hate when I'm stuck somewhere without something to read!

  4. YEA, LANGUAGES! Hooray for logo-philes!

    As far as conversations while reading goes ... that's why when I'm talking with kids and need to make sure they understand, I make them look me in the eye. They may still not understand, but if I can get them to focus their concentration on me for a second, they may understand better. It's (hopefully) communication insurance.

    Anytime I purchase a new purse, I always make sure it's small enough to carry only what I need, but large enough for a paperback. However, paperbacks have gotten larger in the past 10 years, don't you think? Always carrying a book with me is a habit I have fallen out of in the last year or two, probably because of the size issue. Now, if I suspect I'll be in a place where a wait awaits me, I just try to make sure my iPod is with me. My current (and Christmas-new) iPod has Harry Potter book 7 on it. WOOHOO! Loving it!

  5. Thanks for tagging me. I've put mine up.

    I take a book everywhere with me too. Like literary feline, I'll end up reading signs and labels if I don't have a book.

  6. Thanks, Literary Feline! That is funny about reading the signs - desperation will do that! Hope you had a great Christmas.

    Bellezza - I read The Love Letters a long, long time ago - I think it's due for a reread! Thanks for reminding me of it. I'll be looking forward to your 8 things meme!

    Ladytink - Great! I'm off to go check out your meme!

    VA Gal - I think the ones you mean are the Colleen Gleason ones - The Rest Falls Away and Rises the Night. I also think you'd love A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson. I'll be looking forward to your meme!

    Molly - ooh, I don't like those tall paperbacks that they've come out with. I think it's an excuse to charge even more for them. Hmph. I like that you choose your purse size for book carrying - me too! I got an ipod for Christmas, and I'm looking forward to listening to books on it!

    Nicola - I'm off to see your meme, too. Thanks for doing it!

  7. I've done this meme before (my answers are here , but thanks for thinking of me anyway! I enjoyed reading your answers. That was so sweet of your husband to get you a copy of your childhood favourite! May I ask how come you've read Moby Dick so many times? That's one of those classics I'm not sure if I have the courage to read.

  8. Thanks for the link to your meme, Nymeth! I had to read Moby Dick for American Lit in high school (I can never figure out why they inflict certain books on teenagers who are almost certain to get nothing from them, think they've read them, and then never reread them later, when they are actually old enough to maybe benefit from them!). Then it was on the syllabus for 2 lit classes I had in college - 1 the first year, and 1 the last year, so I couldn't really sneak by without rereading it again. I would not recommend that book to you - I think there are many other books out there that you would enjoy ten times as much!

  9. I've only seen this now! I've been tagged!cool!
    I like your answers, I can see myself in most of them...Also I've been thinking about changing you think I could be a librarian without qualification? or do I have to go back to college:P

  10. Oh, good - I'm looking forward to reading your answers, too! I started out on the circulation desk in my first library job, then moved to a paraprofessional reference position (while I was in grad school) and discovered that I love working in libraries (why this was such a surprise I have no clue).

    When we moved here, I got a new library job, again paraprofessional, and my library system has been paying 50% of my tuition for me to get a library degree. So I've been doing that, one course at a time, for the past 4 years! It seems like FOREVER. The best part is that I can use what I learn immediately, so I'm really benefiting from it.

    Next week I begin my final course toward the degree. I will have to do a practicum next fall and take the comprehensive exams, and then I'll be finished. So - and this is probably way more information than you wanted - yes, you certainly can be a librarian without a degree! I started out in a bookstore - didn't you work in one - are you still there? It's an easy switch to a library. I know you'd love it!

  11. Thanks for your story. I'm still in the bookstore, but I can't wait to leave. I'm tired of resale. Probably a public library would be a logic step but I'm not sure I'd enjoy the paperwork (or computer work). We'll see what happens!

  12. I've answered the meme!

  13. Great! I'm off to read it!


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