Friday, December 14, 2007

Shopping for an ebook for the holidays?

The choices abound. Here is an article from Wednesday's L.A. Times comparing and contrasting several of them. Personally, I'm intrigued, but for now, I'm going to let the various companies, formats and devices battle it out. Then maybe I'll talk the plunge. What about you? Have you picked one up yet? What do you think? Are you planning to try one out, or are you passionately attached to your ink-and-paper versions?

I guess my opinion is that more books are a good thing, whatever the format!


  1. I think these ereaders are a good idea. Great for travel so you don't have to carry heavy books, great for disabled folks too..right now they are too expensive.. and by the time the price drops they will most likely ruin them. Oh FORBID they put something out that only does ONE THING AND DOES IT WELL~ they'd rather make it do a dozen things you don't need it for.. hello? I just want to read a book thank you! But they will never replace having books! Never!
    (besides, what do you do when the machine is filled? "throw out books"? not me~~!)

  2. I never really wanted one until recently but I have a feeling that I wouldn't use it all that often if I did get one.

  3. Deslily - I do like the idea of having a bunch of books on them for travel. I always take way more books than I need when I go somewhere (book panic sets in otherwise - I HATE being stuck on a plane or train after having finished my book without another book to start!) And I agree that they are great for disabled people - you can increase the text size and they even have stands so you can read lying down in bed without having to hold onto the book - what a wonderful thing for people bored and stuck in bed, with or without the use of their arms! I guess you'd have to download books to a computer or something when the machine is full - definitely not throw them out!

    Ladytink - I'd love to try one out, but I bet it would take me a while to get used to it. Or to use it more than regular books. It will be interesting to see how things change as time goes by!

  4. Here's what I'm afraid of (besides missing the smell and the actual pages to turn of a real book): what if I invest in one of these, and in three weeks it's obsolete? I'm sticking to the real thing because I like what I've always known and counted on. Although, it would be nice not to have overdue fines.

  5. I like the idea, but am waiting. Right now they're largely too expensive, particularly considering that you then also have to pay for the books separately. The number of books I could buy for the price of a Kindle...! Might as well wait until they have formats and features worked out and the prices come down.

  6. Bellezza - yes, that is a real risk, that what you invest in now could quickly become obsolete. And it's not like what we have now doesn't work! That's one of the reasons I'm let them fight it out and see which kind wins.

    Heather - you are right - the prices are so high. You could buy a wagonful of books for the price of the reader, couldn't you! Alhtough one option for titles might be the library. Mine offers free downloadable audiobooks and ebooks, and I bet that as the use of the new technology spreads, libraries will step in to offer free books, as always.


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