Thursday, January 17, 2008

A couple of adorable pipsqueaks

Pip and Squeak are two little mice who live in a mailbox. They are setting off to a party, very excited to bring their most wonderful present - cheese - to their friend.

When they open the door to their mailbox, the mice are delighted to see that it has snowed. "Get the sled!" cries Squeak. Their sled, a letter in an airmail envelope, one end curled beneath their paws like a toboggan, whizzes over the snow as they hurry to the party.

Later, as they're trekking across the snow, Squeak squints at Pip as she realizes something awful. "You forgot the cheese!" Her whiskers quiver in indignation. What will they give Gus now? Poor Pip slinks off to find "something better." But what can possibly be better than cheese?

With some ingenuity and a lot of determination, Pip sets off to find just that. This is a delightful picture book with a very satisfying ending that tickled me so much I just had to bring it home to read to my own children, who then read it to their friends when they came over to visit - and build a snowman - today. Schoenherr's wonderful illustrations complement the story perfectly, bringing to vibrant life a snowy day and two very endearing mice. I could almost hear the snow crunching beneath their paws as they traveled to the party - and I loved that their little breath clouds were visible, too.

Snuggle up with your own pipsqueaks and read this book together - you will all enjoy it, I guarantee.

Pip and Squeak by Ian Schoenherr (Greenwillow Books, 2007)

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