Thursday, January 31, 2008

The ghosthunters' second adventure

In this second book of the Ghosthunters series, Tom is now a full-fledged member of the ghost fighting team, along with ghosthunting guru Hetty Hyssop and Hugo, the Averagely Spooky Ghost. They receive a letter from Alvin Bigshot, the manager of a posh seaside hotel, asking for their assistance with a few "small but unpleasant problems." The team gathers up their ghosthunting equipment, disappointed that it appears to be nothing more than a routine, boring job, but excited all the same about getting to spend a few days at the beach.

It turns out that Mr. Bigshot has grossly underestimated the situation at the hotel, worried that, if word of the haunting gets out, the hotel's reputation will be ruined. The ghosthunters face anything but a boring old routine job - except, misguided by Mr. Bigshot's description of the problems, they haven't brought the correct equipment to deal with it! The situation worsens as it becomes evident that the fire ghosts they had believed to be wreaking havoc in the hotel turn out to be a side effect of the true culprit: a GILIG, or gruesome invincible lightning ghost! There is little known about these horrific ghosts because those who have run up against them in the past have not survived to tell their tale...

I read this book aloud to my seven- and nine-year-old children, and they enjoyed it immensely, inevitably begging for one more chapter each night. "It's too exciting! We can't stop there!" I was slightly less enthusiastic, wishing for a bit more character development (silly me). I missed Tom's know-it-all big sister from the first book, and the kids and I were all annoyed by how poorly Hetty Hyssop and Tom treated poor Hugo, their ghosthunting partner. Still, it was a page turner, and the kids were certainly pleased with it. They may continue with the series on their own, but I believe I'll stop with this one and move on to Inkheart, which I've been meaning to read for ages.

Books in the Ghosthunter series to date:

1 Ghosthunters and the Incredibly Revolting Ghost!
2 Ghosthunters and the Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost!
3 Ghosthunters and the Totally Moldy Baroness!
4 Ghosthunters and the Muddy Monster of Doom!

Ghosthunters and the Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost! by Cornelia Funke (The Chicken House, 2007)

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  1. hmmm, I was toying with this series wondering if I'd enjoy them, but I don't think I would, well.. not that much anyway.

    I do love Cornelia Funke's Inkheart, Inkspell books and read her "dragon rider and the thief lord" I've enjoyed them all! (the inkheart series being my all time favorite of hers!) But I think I'll hold off on the Ghost series for a while yet.
    I hope you like Inkheart!!!

  2. I am definitely looking forward to Inkheart - since I actually own the book, I will read it for one of my Molly's challenge books! I loved The Thief Lord, too. These books, I think, have more action/adventure kid appeal and are not as complex as her books for older readers.


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