Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Minerva Clark, super sleuth

Minerva is back in her second mystery, and she is just as much fun this time around. It's summertime, and things are fairly dull. It seems unfair that after all the excitement of successfully solving a murder and related crime scheme she is stuck at home, cleaning out the refrigerator. Worse yet, her oldest brother has signed her up for a summer class -- in electronics, of all things.

Then she gets a phone call from a Chelsea de Guzman, a classmate she normally wouldn't associate with (or, more realistically, the other way around), who is hysterical because she inadvertently gave away something valuable of her father's. Minerva isn't overly fond of Chelsea and her drama-queen, mall-going ways, but she has a kind heart - plus the prospect of a mystery to liven up her boring summer is intriguing.

Minerva doesn't suspect that her snooping will lead her down some dangerous paths, and she will need all her resourcefulness and newfound self-confidence to navigate them safely. As Minerva works to solve the case, storm clouds from her personal life are gathering on the horizon. Her mother has called and will be coming into town - for the first time since the accident (in the first book) that left Minerva the unusual kid she is - a teenager who thinks she's perfectly fine exactly the way she is. But what, she wonders, will her mother think of the new person she's become?

This was an enjoyable sequel to the first Minerva Clark mystery. Minerva's character gains depth as she comes to terms with the changes that have happened to her, which has also affected her relationships with her brothers and her best friend. I enjoyed my sojourn in Minerva's world, and I'm looking forward to returning there soon. Plus there's the added bonus of the sweet corgi on the cover, which looks quite a bit like Molly Mallone's bouncing bundle of doggy joy!

Books in the Minerva Clark series to date:
1. Minerva Clark Gets a Clue
2. Minerva Clark Goes to the Dogs
3. Minerva Clark Gives up the Ghost

Minerva Clark Goes to the Dogs (#2 in the Minerva Clark series) by Karen Karbo (Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2006)


  1. It totally looks like Molly's dog - cutie pootie : )

  2. This was the first book in the series that I noticed, and it was definitely because of the cute corgi on the cover!

  3. I agree, the dog does look like Molly's! :)

  4. You think she's out modeling when Molly and her hub are at work? Wonder what she does with the proceeds? She probably orders cases of those Greenies chews and has a secret cache down in the basement...

  5. oh! pembroke welsh corgi! so cute!

    Sorry. I love this breed of dog to bits. :)

  6. Me, too, Orpheus - especially since I have gotten to know one personally. She's our co-dog-sitting buddy, for when we go on vacation. Her family watches our dog, we watch her. Works out great! Although one of the cats may beg to differ. :-)

  7. I think Molly's dog moonlights as the Paris Hilton of the dog world. Going wherever she pleases and taking advantage of any opportunity she can get for publicity.

    This is just another example of Molly's dog being seduced by the lure of a treat to step into some big shoes.

    -Molly's Biggest Fan

  8. Anonymous - you are absolutely right. I think the only reason she hangs out with that Molly person is to try to grab the limelight from her. :-)


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