Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So the next time you feel guilty about spending too much time behind the pages of a book...

...you can make yourself feel better - even virtuous and superior - by going to this site and reading the article about how great reading is for you! It says things like: "Being a bookworm doesn’t just make you smart. It makes you mentally tough. It builds so much cognitive reserve that bookworms’ brains may be bolstered against bad things like pollution and toxins."

I just love it when science validates my reading addiction. :-)



  1. lol, I love it too :D

  2. Maybe we should read more, Nymeth, just to be sure! :-)

  3. you know who would love this article? my friend who works at a uranium mine with a tome-a-day habit. he's been worried about exposure to radioactive material. but he always thought it handy that he could produce his own light at night when he read in bed. now i'll tell him that he needn't worry. "war and peace" saved his life!

  4. That's funny, Molly - I guess he won't have to worry so much anymore. And maybe pick it up to 2 tomes/day, just in case.


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