Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yay! Awards!

I am thrilled that Rhinoa has awarded me this lovely blogging gold card, saying very nice things about my blog. Thanks, Rhinoa! And then, within the space of a day or two, Ladytink gave me this adorable seal of approval:

How cute is that? Although I don't suppose I have the authority to give the second one, not being winged and sparky, I am supposed to pass on the gold card. But how to choose? I see that Rhinoa passed it on to quite a few of those blogging buddies that I try to visit as frequently as I can, like Chris (who is indeed a lovely bloke!) and Nymeth (one of my oldest blog buds) and Ladytink (of the above seal of approval). I can't begin to say how many books they've added to my tbr list and book pile in the past year! And Rhinoa, too - right back at you!

There have been so many benefits to writing this blog in the past year (April is my anniversary month!) since I started writing it: meeting people who share my interest and taste in books - and how they have expanded my horizons with their lovely, tantalizing book reviews; discussions about books, characters, settings, genres, learning about all kinds of things (book-related and not) that I never would have discovered otherwise. Oh, and the book challenges - they're lots of fun, too! The only downside to blogging that I've discovered is that, added to my lament of "so many books, so little time" is "so many blogs, so little time."

I offer the gold card to all those in my "People I like to visit" blogroll - and the only reason there aren't more blogs in there (see all the many wonderful book blogs in the list below it) is that I simply don't have time to visit them all! But hope springs eternal...


  1. Glad you like it! They're really simple to make if you have paint and a cute little clipart picture. The "Disney-ish" lettering is a bit more difficult to find but any old font will do!

  2. *big smiles* You're definitely deserving of them both Darla! I think you're single handedly the most dangerous book blog out there with the way you pump out the deliciously good reviews :p And you're great fun to talk to!

  3. Anytime :) Enjoy the Tinkerbell sparkles as well.

  4. You did a great job, ladytink! I am cooking up a challenge and will try to make a fun graphic for it using your advice.

    Thanks, Chris! You are so sweet, as always. I live to add books to peoples TBR lists, teehee.

    And thanks again, Rhinoa!

  5. :D They are well deserved, Darla!


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