Friday, May 9, 2008

The plot thickens at Cross Academy

This manga series follows the life of Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy. The Academy has two classes: the Day Class and the Night Class. Yuki is one of the few who know the secret of the alluring Night Class students: they are all vampires. Headmaster Cross has a vision of peaceful coexistence between vampires and humans, and he's hoping to promote that with the night school. However, vampires can be dangerous, and Yuki, together with her friend Zero, are charged to be Guardians of the school, protecting the day students from the Night Class - and its secret.

This volume takes us back to Yuki's past. We learned in the first volume that Yuki was rescued from a terrifying vampire attack when she was very small, and her rescuer was pureblood vampire Kaname Kuran, who is also the Night Class president. In this installment, we travel back into the past for a closer look at this incident, as well as the friendship that grows between Yuki and Kaname throughout her childhood.

In the present day, Yuki's relationship with Zero is finding new feet as well, after a particularly startling revelation that occurred in the previous volume. There are many unanswered questions that may be answered in future installments. Who is the old friend the headmaster refers to when he speaks with Kaname? The one who appears to be the inspiration for the Night Class initiative? Why does Zero continue to be sent on vampire hunt missions? And is the petite, innocent-looking new Night Class student really the same vampire who slaughtered Zero's family when he was a boy? And how is the Night Class/Day Class plan supposed to result in humans and vampires peacefully coexisting when the two groups are rarely allowed to meet, and the Day Class is completely unaware of the existence of vampires?

The plot is definitely thickening, and the characters are moving into place. Tension is building between Zero and Yuki - he hates all vampires; he hates himself. She has admired and idolized Kaname since she was a child, and she clearly has feelings for Zero. It appears her loyalties are soon to be tested...

I'm enjoying this series so far. Yuki is a brave and likable heroine, and the set-up for things to come is certainly intriguing. It will be interesting to see the direction the next installment takes.

Vampire Knight, Volume 3 by Matsuri Hino (VIZ Media, 2007)


  1. Bring back some reviews on historical romances!!!

  2. Ha! I have one on my tbr pile that I read a review of a while back that just might fit the bill. Now that classes are over I'll have more time to read. Yay!

  3. Hi! :D I just wanted to ask:

    I can only avail of this series through online manga scans since this title is not available in any mangastore here in our place. ;_; I'm still not allowed to buy online.

    Does being licensed mean that it can't be uploaded online anymore? ;_;

  4. Kriselle - unless the author and publisher allow it, the copyright (licensing) means that scanned downloads are illegal. I imagine when the publishers find out, they put a stop to it.

    I get my copies at my library - is it possible your library carries this series? (I hope you have a library near you.) Manga are so expensive and are such quick reads that I rarely buy them - my library keeps adding more and more titles because they are in demand. And if I want to read something they don't have, I can request it through their interlibrary loan service. Maybe you can, too! :-)


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