Monday, June 23, 2008

Comfort Books

The poll results are in! The #1 kind of comfort book (as in book that is read when people are going through a difficult time in their life) is:

A reread of a favorite book, preferably for children or teens, preferably fantasy

Romance followed fantasy as a close second, and something humorous right behind romance. So would the best book to beat depression be a reread of a favorite novel with humor, romance and fantasy? I think something like that might succeed in chasing my blues away!

What about you? Is there one particular book you turn to during tough times that always helps? Or something that from a category that I neglected to put on the poll?

As always, thanks for voting! It's fun to see what everyone thinks.

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  1. My comfort reading is definitely young adult fantasy. Not always things I have already read, but often..especially harry potter, the wind on fire trilogy etc. I also adore I dreamed of Africa, by Kuki Gallmann and read that whenever I need a good cry!

  2. Me too, Mariel! Although I haven't read the Wind on Fire trilogy - sounds like something I should check out!

  3. I voted an old favourite...for me, nothing is more comforting than revisiting "old friends".

  4. I know just what you mean, Nymeth. And I love it when I read a book and know that its characters will have that quality that will make them become old friends. I feel that way about Tiffany Aching now - I've just finished Wintersmith, and I'm so sorry it's over!

  5. Mine are pretty much children's/YA books as well, with A Wrinkle in Time and The Pigman topping the list. I think these books are comforting in the same way as my action figures - they take me back to the safest, happiest parts of my childhood.

  6. I like that idea, the favorite childhood books and the action figures recalling happy times. (Now all you need are Meg and Charles Wallace action figures for when things get really bad!) :-)

  7. i tend to lean more towards revisiting music when i need comforting. but i guess lion, witch and the wardrobe would be an example of a book i like returning to. and hitchhiker's guide.


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