Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comics take flight

I discovered this graphic novel anthology when Volume 4 arrived among the new books at my library. One look at its beautiful cover, and of course I had to put a hold on Volume 1 to read first.

Just flipping through the pages is a visual treat. The anthology consists of short stories in comic strip format, beautifully rendered in color illustrations. The stories are mostly fantasy, and every one of them involves the theme of flight in some way - sometimes overtly, sometimes in a more subtle fashion.

In "Hugo Earheart" by Jake Parker, a little boy, a winged pig and a flying whale must deliver an important parcel (via airmail, of course). Along the way they encounter some enemy boltships, and a hair-raising adventure ensues.

In Khang Lee's "Outside My Window," a little girl wakes up one morning to find herself completely alone in the house. She searches everywhere for her mother, finally going outside to look. When she opens the front door, she sees an enormous robot (or is it an alien life form?) . It wants to be her friend, but it doesn't quite understand the meaning of least, not yet.

Another one Iparticularly enjoyed was "Faith" by Erica Moen - it's one of the understated stories in which it took me a moment to understand the connection to the "flight" theme - but once I got it, it gave the story even greater depth.

This is a fine collection of very interesting stories in a variety of genres. I very much look forward to reading the subsequent volumes. What a wonderful assortment of compelling artwork and intriguing storytelling!

Flight, Vol. 1, edited by Bengal, Bill Mudron, Catia Chien, and Clio Chiang (Image Comics, 2004)


  1. That is a beautiful cover! A flying whale? Now I would pay to see that!

  2. This sounds great! My library probably won't have it but I'll see if I can ILL it.

  3. The cover and the page you posted are so beautiful! This sounds like something I'd love.

  4. Ladytink - I loved the dreamlike illustrations! And the whale was very cute. :-)

    Nicola - I hope you're able to get your hands on it! Isn't ILL great?!

    Nymeth - I do think you'd enjoy this series of anthologies. I've head each one's better than the next, so I'm looking forward to reading #2.


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