Thursday, January 22, 2009

Queen Betsy's life gets even more complicated

Betsy, the unwilling Queen of the Undead, returns in the fourth installment of MaryJanice Davidson's over-the-top vampire series. Beware of possible spoilers to follow for those who haven't read books one through three.

Betsy is in the throes of a wedding preparation that Eric, her betrothed, simply doesn't comprehend. In his eyes, they've been married every since that fateful night in the first book - but Betsy is the sort of woman who's been planning all the intricate details of her wedding, the dress, the flowers, the food, the napkins, etc., since she was about four. The date keeps changing, though - but it is unclear whether the postponement's because she needs more planning time or because she's getting cold feet.

There's not much time to think about that, however, as her life becomes overrun, as usual, by bizarre and often humorous events. Betsy is the only one who can soothe her evil stepmother's colicky new infant - but how can she spend all the time she'd love to with her little half-brother when a serial killer is on the loose, and one of the killer's victims shows up as a ghost, demanding that Betsy do something about it? The plot for this one seemed a bit scattered, not nearly as focused as the others; however, it mirrored the way Betsy approaches her life - a bit of this, a bit of that, and suddenly she's off on a madcap adventure that's sure to bring on some laughs.

These books are a nice antidote to a stressful life - the literary equivalent of a warm bubble bath followed by a foot massage. It's nice to know that there are a few more Queen Betsy novels around for me to read - I think I'll save them up for some future date, when the going gets particularly rough!

Books in the Queen Betsy series:

1. Undead and Unwed
2. Undead and Unemployed
3. Undead and Unappreciated
4. Undead and Unreturnable
Undead and Unpopular

5. Undead and Uneasy
6. Undead and Unworthy

Undead and Unreturnable (#4 in the Queen Betsy series) by MaryJanice Davidson (Berkley Sensation, 2005)

Also reviewed at:
The Book Smugglers: "This was my least favourite installment in the series so far but I will sure keep on reading. In this point in time, I am far too attached to Betsy and I still very much care for her."
Eat. Sleep. Read:  "The books were low on plot, and even in dangerous situations there wasn't much suspense because of Betsy's wise crackin', but they're meant to be like that, so you don't hold it against them."
Nichtszusagen: "Mostly, it's a fitting episode in the series--a fun, quick read with MJD's trademark snark. If you like the series, you'll like this. If you don't, this won't change your mind."


  1. The last one I read was Undead and Uneasy but I haven't picked up Undead and Unworthy yet.

  2. I think the last one I read was Undead and Unpopular. It's a cute series.

  3. Ladytink - I didn't realize that was out already. I'll be looking forward to your review when you get to it!

    Literary Feline - It is cute, isn't it? I am spacing these out because I think they're better appreciated that way.

  4. I love these books. They are the perfect comfort reads. I really enjoy the humour in them, Betsy's sarcasm is hilarious :)

  5. Joanne - I totally agree. I love her attitude, and also all the other characters. I'm curious to see what's going on with her sister!

  6. I haven't started the series yet so I can't bring myself to read your review and give too much away. I have read one or two of her short stories and will hopefully meet Betsy properly later in the year.

  7. I do the same thing with reviews of series I'm reading. I'll be interested to hear what you think of this one when you get to it!


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