Saturday, February 28, 2009

+Anima, Volume 1

Cooro is a young boy who is known as an +anima - a human who shares the characteristics of an animal. He has the black wings of a crow, and can fly - but he does not know where he came from. We first see him as a baby, falling from the sky through the roof of a human household. Presumably the humans raise him, but then eleven years later, he's traveling on his own in search of others of his kind.

Cut to a circus, where a pretty young mermaid - apparently another +anima - is starring in the sideshow. The circus manager, an overbearing, controlling type, seems to be holding her against her will. Cooro is caught peeking through the tent, and when the manager discovers his wings, he forces Cooro to be part of the act, too. But a boy who can fly is difficult to hold captive - and Cooro is determined to rescue the mermaid as well. But that particular +anima has a few surprises in store for the crow boy...

This is a sweet, humorous manga of adventure and discovery that introduces and interesting cast of characters, several of whom have just a bit of trouble getting along. Thus far it does not delve very deeply into the characters or their motivations beyond their desire to find other +animas. My library shelves this in the teen section, but - at least as far as this first volume goes - I think it would be appropriate for younger (ages 9 to 12) readers as well. This is an enjoyable start to a light-hearted fantasy series.

+Anima, Volume 1 by
Natsumi Mukai (Tokyopop, 2006)


  1. This sounds really fun! I hope you read more of the series and find out what happens next. I will definitely look out for this next time I am in London.

  2. It does sound very sweet! And fun :) One more Manga to discover.

  3. Rhinoa - I do plan to read the next one - I'll keep you posted! It's about time I got around to some more manga.

    Nymeth - There are so many tantalizing manga series out there, and with each new review I read, another one goes on the list. My fellow children's librarian and I were just wishing we could substitute sleeping time for reading time but still end up feeling rested. Then we'd get some serious reading done!

  4. Hooray! This series is being ordered for my library, thanks in part to your review! I hope it does come to our branch specifically so I can get my greedy little paws on it first...

  5. Wow, Kiirstin, that's great! I hope you enjoy it when it gets there (and that you don't have to knock too many people out of your way to get to it first). :-D


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