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"Saving the world with wit and style!"

Skulduggery Pleasant - detective, snappy dresser, wizard, smartass - returns in this sequel to the eponymous first book in the series, along with his apprentice Stephanie Edgley (who is now known as Valkyrie Cain). Oh, and did I forget to mention? Skulduggery is dead. Well, kind of. He's a living skeleton. But he doesn't let that hold him back. As he says, "I like to think that I've grown into a very well-adjusted skeleton."

The audio version of the first book in the series, Skulduggery Pleasant, was an Odyssey Award for Excellence in Audiobook Production honor book, so I decided to listen to it, and I'm glad I did. It had creepy music, sound effects, one of the best narrators I've ever heard, and the icing on the cake was a delightful interview with Skulduggery himself at the end of the book! But don't worry, if you didn't catch the interview, you can listen to it here at Skulduggery's own website, which is a very fun place to visit. Of course I had to listen to the second installment in the series, and it was just as rewarding as the first.

The following may contain some spoilers, so if you are interested in this series, I'd suggest you check out my review of the the first one. In this installment, Valkyrie is settling into her new life as Skulduggery's apprentice, studying magic and martial arts, and she loves it. She has learned how to create a mirror image (literally - the image walks out of the mirror) of herself, so she isn't bothered with the drudgery of attending classes while she pursues her own unusual schooling. She's feeling confident in her developing powers - that is, until she comes up against Baron Vengeous, Skulduggery's old foe, who is once again intent on bringing back the faceless ones, an ancient, terrifying race. Vengeous's first move is to bring back the Grotesquery, a horrific creature made up of various parts of ferocious mythical creatures.

Skulduggery and Valkyrie must work together to prevent the return of the faceless ones, but before long it is clear that they are in well over their heads. To add to Valkyrie's woes, she is forced to attend a family reunion for her father's side of the family, and it is amusingly clear how little she has in common with them when she finds herself wishing, as she suffers through the reunion, that the vampire legions would just hurry up and attack already. I found this sequel to be just as enjoyable as the first - the characters are compelling and fascinating, and the dark storyline, complex plot and and wry humor are an irresistable combination for this reader. I highly recommend this delightful, fantastical series, and if you can find the audio version, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Books in the Skulduggery Pleasant series:
1. Skulduggery Pleasant
2. Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire

Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire
(#2 in the Skulduggery Pleasant series) by Derek Landy; narrated by Rupert Degas (HarperCollins Audio, 2008)

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  1. I only skimmed the second half of your review to avoid the spoilers, but I'm glad it lived up to the first book in the series :)

  2. You know... my husband bought the first book when it was out in hard cover. It was shelved in the Fantasy section of the bookstore. Only later on did we realize it was YA! It was cute but I gave our hard cover copy away on bookmooch last year and never felt like buying this one.

    It is certainly something I would borrow from the library assuming mine got it before the year 2020. Oh, Quebec libraries and their lack of English books.

    Interesting to hear about the audio book though. I'll have to check that out I think!

  3. Nymeth - I'm glad it did, too, because I had pretty high expectations! Landy did a great job of ratcheting up the tension while also introducing intriguing new characters and information.

    Cat - I can see how going into it expecting a novel for adults might be a bit disorienting! I ended up receiving this as an audio download for Christmas, because my library never has bought the audio version, and after listening to the first one, I couldn't bear not to listen to the second!

  4. My sister bought this recently, I've got to snurch it from her and read it. (I skipped over your spoilery parts, thanks for the warning. :) )

    I looked at your review of the first one, too... if I neglected to mention my crush on Skulduggery in my review, it was substantial neglect indeed!

  5. Fatalis - I guess we'll have to fight over the next apprenticeship opening in Skulduggery's schedule. :-)
    Hope you manage to sneak that book away from your sister soon!

  6. Skulduggery is one that I didn't like but may have to buy because of student interest. Hmmm.

    As for being a school librarian-- you get used to the work load. It helps that I don't sleep AND have documented amazing superpowers! I volunteered in the library where I work now for five years, so taking over was a little easier. If you ever have any questions, let me know and I'll be glad to correspond with you via e mail.

  7. Ms. Yingling - Apparently I have a "thing" for funny fantastical horror (big Buffy fan, no surprise there)! It was one of our summer reading picks last year, and booktalking it was a lot of fun!

    I am beginning to see that school librarians must need superpowers to maintain their sanity. Thank you for your kind offer - I expect you'll be hearing from me soon! :-)


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