Thursday, February 19, 2009

When Twilight Burns

Much has happened in the life of Victoria Gardella since her coming-out season, when she made the fateful decision to embrace her heritage and become a Venator, a vampire slayer with supernatural speed and strength. This, the fourth book of the Gardella Vampire Chronicles, picks up immediately from where the third book left off. Inevitable spoilers to the other three books likely follow - I recommend starting with the first book if you are interested in this series.

This installment presents a different sort of challenge for Victoria, who has already faced unimaginable horrors and great loss in her life. Now, because of surviving a vampire attack in the last book, Victoria must not only continue to fight against vampires and their dastardly plots and schemes, but she must also fight against a darkness that is growing inside her. The darkness prevents her from seeing clearly, and because that clarity is essential to her work as a Venator, it leaves her incredibly vulnerable.

Aside from Victoria's inner struggles, she has aroused the suspicion of a policeman who understandably focuses on her when she is found at the scene of several murders. Vampire attacks are taking place during daylight hours - and there seems to be a plot against the royal family, too. Victoria's plate is full, and once again the reader is hurtled along at a breakneck pace, as plot strands pull the story here and there, finally coming together in a dramatic finish. There was a more conclusive ending to this book, compared to the others in the series, which will make the wait for the fifth (and final, apparently) book slightly more bearable.

My only complaint, which I mentioned before in an earlier review, is the errors in the Italian one of the characters tends to sprinkle throughout her dialogue. These are simple mistakes, easily corrected. Syntax, for example, and basic grammatical errors, such as adjectives that don't agree with their nouns: "povero" modifying widow, which is feminine, so it should be "povera" instead. It seems nitpicky, I know, but when I read something like that, it throws me out of the story - it undermines the storytelling and the authority of the storyteller. I must say I was comforted by Nymeth's thoughts on the matter in one of her recent reviews.

At any rate, that is a minor complaint about an otherwise highly enjoyable series. Readers of historical romance as well as vampire fans are sure to enjoy this one.

Books in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles
1. The Rest Falls Away
2. Rises the Night
3. The Bleeding Dusk
4. When Twilight Burns

5. As Shadows Fade

When Twilight Burns (#4 in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles) by Colleen Gleason (Signet Eclipse, 2008)

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  1. I keep saying I'm going to read this series but my library only has third one so I have to ILL the first two first and I keep forgetting to do so. I really want to read these though :(

  2. Anna - Oh, yeah! :-)

    Ladytink - What IS your library thinking, only getting book #3? Is there any way to request that they purchase the others, informing them that it's part of a series? They may have overlooked that point. My library has decided to start charging for ILLs, which is a shame because if it's a paperback like this, it will cost more to ILL it than to buy it. Anyway, I hope you'll get to read them soon!

  3. I agree the cover caught my much so I sent the post to anna from google reader, after she already commented....doh!

  4. Serena - Such a shame, she'll have to look at the cover again! :-D

  5. I really want to read a book by this author, but I think I have plenty of vamp books. I need other paranormals for the book challenges.

  6. I believe this is her only series so far, but as the forthcoming book is to be the last, who knows what she'll start writing about next?

  7. I'm glad to have comforted you :P It's really too bad about that...but it sounds like a good book regardless.

  8. Thanks, Nymeth - I was glad to read you felt the same way, because I dislike being overly critical. And yes, it is a good book!

  9. I love the historical setting for this series. I would enjoy more UF series set in different periods. One of the things I have always liked about Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Saint GErmaine series are the varied historical settings.

  10. SciFiGuy - I totally agree! I love the historical setting as well. It's been years since I read a Saint Germaine book - I remember loving the one set in Renaissance Florence. I read that over and over again (back when it was so hard to find UF books). I need to reread that series some day. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  11. I read this book for the RIP challenge around Halloween....and really enjoyed it. In fact, I have really enjoyed the series so far.

    What did you think of the ending...and WHO the ending was with?? I was pretty pleased with Book 2, I thought I would go the other way, but by this book I was happy. Does that roundabout answer make any sense to you??

  12. Stephanie - it makes perfect sense - I thought the same thing. I'm pleased with the way things turned out, too!


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