Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plum Spooky

In Stephanie Plum's fourth "Between the Numbers" book, life in Trenton has caught Stephanie up in its usual hilarious chaos. She is just trying to do her bounty hunter job, find and bring in those who have failed to appear in court, but of course nothing ever goes as planned.

As the book opens, Stephanie's day already isn't going very well:
You know it's going to be one of those days. No toothpaste left in the tube, no toilet paper on the cardboard roll, hot water cuts out halfway through you shower, and someone's left a monkey on your doorstep.
Fortunately a bad day for Stephanie Plum means an action-packed, farcical adventure that always has me laughing as I read. She is trying to capture FTA Martin Munch, but the little guy is slippery and also appears to be up to something shady. When Diesel, a handsome, mysterious bounty hunter who seems to possess abilities beyond the norm, shows up at Stephanie's apartment, also interested in Munch, Stephanie realizes things have just gotten complicated. Little does she know how complicated - with monkeys, kidnappings, explosions, booby-traps, flying fruit, and a villain who can disappear in a puff of smoke.

I am always tickled by Stephanie Plum novels, and this one is no exception. It's a high-paced, madcap adventure with some extremely lovable characters. Stephanie's friend Lula is in high form in this one, and while Ranger and Morelli have some slight walk-on parts, Diesel has the stage in this story. These are books that either appeal or don't - they are admittedly extremely silly, going well over the top in their humor and plot twists, but I for one am always happy to be along for the ride. I enjoyed the fact that this one is a bit longer than the previous "Between the Numbers" books, which made it a more substantial story. Many recent studies have shown that laughter has a positive effect on the body, reducing stress and even boosting the immune system. If you're feeling under the weather, spend a day or two with Stephanie, and you'll be feel better in no time!

Books in the Stephanie Plum series
1. One for the Money
2. Two for the Dough
3. Three to Get Deadly
4. Four to Score
5. High Five
6. Hot Six
7. Seven Up
8. Hard Eight
9. To the Nines
10. Ten Big Ones
11. Eleven on Top
12. Twelve Sharp
13. Lean Mean Thirteen
14. Fearless Fourteen

Books in the "Between the Numbers" series
1. Visions of Sugar Plums
2. Plum Lovin'
3. Plum Lucky
4. Plum Spooky

Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich (St. Martin's Press, 2008)

Also reviewed at:
Novel Reads: "There were a few things that gave me pause, but all in all, I am SO glad I read this one. For the first time since closing the pages of 14, I'm excited about 15!"
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  1. I'm going to wait and see if my pathetic library is going to get this one. I love this series, but I find the in between the numbers hard covers outrageously priced. I also didn't like Plum Lucky all that much. Glad to hear this one sounds better!

  2. Hi Jill,
    I haven't read her in between books - love her other books. FEARLESS 14 was terrific. I bought Picoult's new book, HANDLE WITH CARE, today mainly because the library queue was up to the 300s so I couldn't wait that long :) The writeup in today's newspaper raving about the book sold me.

    I'm almost finished with THE SENATOR'S WIFE by Sue Miller - did you read that one?


  3. I don't read most of the Between the Numbers though I bet they are very funny!

    I just finished my first Amy Tan novel, very insightful into Chinese culture, particularly pre-communist era.

  4. I am still listening to the audiobook of this one. It is great in the morning during the commute.

  5. I finished this one last week, I really like Diesel! I'm so glad to hear that he's supposed to be getting his own series sometime next year.

  6. Cat - wow, you are not kidding about pathetic, as much as I hate to badmouth any library. These books are insanely popular - why on earth wouldn't they order them? I hope they will and soon. I agree about the price tag for the others, but this one is just about as long as one of the regular numbers books, for what that's worth.

    Tanya - The between the numbers ones are pretty cute, and the audio versions are fun, too. I have never read anything by Picoult - they look a bit depressing, actually. I'm a bit of a book wimp! I haven't read The Senator's Wife either, but I've heard good things about it. Are you enjoying it?

    Virginia Gal - I love Amy Tan! Which one did you read? Those are some books that I hope to reread one day. I particularly liked The Hundred Secret Senses.

    Serena - I bet your trip to work goes great and that you don't mind the traffic too much, listening to this one! They sure do a great job with the audio productions of these.

    Ladytink - Wow, I had no idea she's going to do a Diesel series. I bet it will be fun - I like the way these verge into the supernatural. I wonder if she'll push the series farther into the paranormal. I would enjoy that.


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