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Strange happenings in a haunted library

I had not heard of this series before, but when I happened to read a post at Cat's blog that mentioned that she "might have even squealed" with delight when she saw the second book was on the shelves at the bookstore, I thought I'd better look into it. And I was so glad I did. What a delightful beginning to a series!

Our heroine is Kat, a typical thirteen-year-old, trying to fit in, to find her way as painlessly as possible through the social minefield that is middle school. She adores her mother, who is compassionate and caring with a fun sense of humor. There's just one tiny, massively embarrassing problem: her mother is a medium (and not, Kat tells us, "the kind that fits between small and large").

Having a mother who sees and talks with spirits is not exactly something that Kat wants people at school to know about, but when a classmate comes over to work on a project while Kat's mom is conducting a session down the hall, the sudden drops in temperature, bizarre sounds and odors have the terrified girl fleeing from the house. It would appear that Kat's secret is out. What would they think if they knew that Kat had recently started seeing spirits, too? She hasn't even been able to bring herself to tell her own mother about that yet.

Luckily, just when it seems she'll be an outcast for life, she makes friends with Jac, a new girl to the school who's always lugging around an enormous cello. Jac is unusual in that she is not caught up in needing approval from her classmates. She is outspoken and funny - but what will she think when she finds out about Kat? When the two girls are in the school library and an old yearbook flies from the shelf onto their reading table, its pages eerily fluttering open to a certain spot, Kat realizes that it's time to admit to her abilities - particularly when the diaphanous figure of a girl their age appears, and she needs their help.

Kat's middle-school, complete with its snarky popular girls, group projects and cafeteria politics, is an effective backdrop for this story about friendship and unsettled spirits. While the tale is often humorous in tone, there are deliciously creepy descriptions with effective sensory details:
I was getting that feeling again. The indescribable feeling that probably has thirty words for it in some other language but not one single word in English to indicate my scalp beginning to prickle, my heart pounding, the blood rushing to my face, and my hands involuntarily reaching out in front of me, to feel for something or keep something away, I'm not sure which. The air grew charged, the way it feels when you walk by a waterfall. The silence grew louder, like it might suck the dark clear out of the room.
These are clearly not tame ghosts. And when Kat feels a particular malignant presence, she realizes that, although she may not think her new-found abilities are the "gift" that her mother calls them, possessing those abilities just might mean accepting responsibility for them, no matter how unwilling she might be.

The story examines those moments children experience as they grow up when they examine their parents' expectations for them and evaluate those expectations. Just whose dreams are these, anyway? Are they willing to work for those dreams? How much are they willing to sacrifice, particularly if the dream is not their own?

Kat is a thoroughly likable character, and her developing friendship with Jac is wonderfully portrayed. I particularly enjoyed Kat's relationship with her mother, but even minor characters offer some surprises. This is an exciting, funny, moving tale that I will certainly be recommending to young readers at my library. Once I get it back from my 10-year-old daughter, that is, who is enjoying it immensely. The second book in this series, Scaredy Kat, was released in February, and a third is due to be published later this year.

Books in the Suddenly Supernatural series:
1. School Spirit
2. Scaredy Kat
3. Unhappy Medium

School Spirit (#1 in the Suddenly Supernatural series) by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel (Little, Brown and Co., 2008)

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  1. Hurray! I was waiting for you to post this review since I was so eager to read what you thought.

    I love that you included an excerpt from the book because it's so well written, and yet still simple and that's part of what caught me and made me love it so.

    I also loved the relationship between Kat and her mother. It's so rare to see positive teen-parent relationships in books these days that I thought it was very cool that these two shared so much with each other.

    You'll like the second one too, I am sure. And I've already got the 3rd on my wishlist which I think is due in June. Can't wait!

    Your copies are probably better because they likely smell like Library. NOTHING is more soothing than the smell of library books. I'm so lame. Ha ha!

  2. I love the title, the cover and the premise. And I loved your review :D

  3. Cat - Thank you so much for recommending this series. It's also fun to see how much my daughter is enjoying it. She came running into the room earlier this evening to fill me in on the latest development. It's kind of bittersweet, actually - it seems I was just reading her The Very Hungry Caterpillar the other day...

    Nymeth - Oh, I know you'll enjoy this one! Thanks. :-)

  4. My library actually has these and thanks to Cat I've been thinking of picking them up after I finish Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

  5. Ladytink - I'm sure you'll enjoy these. I'm excited to read the second book, but I hear good things about it from Cat (that little instigator) :-)

  6. Muahahahhaha!

    I'd tell you all to read the May Bird series, too. But I know Darla already has.. LadyTink? I can't remember.

    It's just such a great feeling to pick up a book (or series) and find that reading is just plain FUN again. This author REALLY nailed it.

  7. You are so right, Cat. I need to read her other books!

  8. This sounds like a book my daughter would love, especially since she's hooked on the Ghost Whisperer show. And Ghost Hunters. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  9. This one sounds perfect for her, Anna! Please let me know what she thinks. My daughter is almost finished, and she's really loving it.

  10. Oh cool! This sounds so fun, and I love knowing ahead of time that there are already more from a series available.

  11. This definitely sounds like a fun series. I can't wait to see what you think of the second one.

  12. Joanne - it's funny, I feel exactly the same way about starting a new series. I like there to be at least several. And then I look at all the series I'm reading and laugh at myself - like I'm EVER going to get through them all! :-)

    Rhinoa - I'm really looking forward to reading it. It's sitting on my pile, and I'm kind of saving it up for a little treat for myself. Do you ever do that? I'm having a tough month with my big scary comprehensive exams coming up in a couple weeks (gulp), so I dole out little rewards to myself here and there, just for surviving. :-p


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