Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dead Is the New Black

Sixteen-year-old Daisy Giordano is the only "norm" in a family of psychics. Her mother helps the police locate missing people, one of her sisters can move things around via telekinesis, and the other is a mind reader. Daisy's father was a norm, too, but he disappeared mysteriously several years earlier.

Daisy lives in the town of Nightshade, where things are a bit odd, as the reader will soon discover. So when beautiful, popular cheerleading captain Samantha shows up at school extremely pale, dressed all in black, and dragging a portable coffin with her, not much is said about it - but soon all her wannabee friends are dressing the same way and dragging their own coffins. Daisy wouldn't think too much of Samantha's sudden fashion change if students at school weren't collapsing in class and ending up in the hospital.

Daisy and her friend Ryan, son of Nightshade's chief of police, decide to do a bit of investigating on their own. Daisy can't help but be distracted by the handsome guy her longtime friend has turned into, and it seems Ryan might be interested in her - or is he? It's hard to keep her mind on potential romance, though, what with disappearing bodies, attacks in nightclubs, and cheerleaders dropping like flies.

This is a fun, fluffy beginning to a series, with an engaging heroine and a Sunnydale-type setting. The writing is spare and the plot is action packed, intriguing questions are raised, many of which are not addressed in this first book. I loved the fact that Daisy loves to cook and is, in fact, a wonderful cook. I was puzzled by her social standing at school and the changes that happen to her during the course of the novel - it seemed a bit contrived, more a plot device than a believable change, but maybe it will be further explained in subsequent books. I enjoyed her relationship with her sisters, and also the developing romantic angle. And I particularly loved the unusual diner jukebox. This is a very fast read, one that would definitely appeal to those who enjoy fantasy and vampire stories, as well as those who are looking for a quirky, light supernatural read.

Books in the Dead Is series:
1. Dead Is the New Black
2. Dead Is a State of Mind
3. Dead is So Last Year

Dead Is the New Black (#1 in the Dead Is series) by Marlene Perez (Harcourt, Inc., 2008)

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  1. Never even heard of this before, but it sounds fun!

  2. Kailana - I really should keep better track of my "bad bloggers" because I know I read a review of this somewhere that prompted me to put it on my list.

  3. You've convinced me :)! I'll go see if my library has it.

  4. Ohhh I read this during the read-a-thon and it was fun! I'm now halfway through the second book and it gets so much better!

    I like how you said it is a Sunnydale-type setting - that's exactly what I was thinking when reading about Nightshade :)

  5. Ladytink - Hope you like it!

    Joanne - Aha! So you are the Bad Blogger that got me to read this. LOL. Thanks!


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