Friday, August 28, 2009

As Shadows Fade

This book is, sadly, the final installment in the Regency-era Gardella Vampire Chronicles. As it is the fifth in the series, it is difficult to discuss the book without giving away some salient details that might spoil earlier books. So if you are interested in this series, I'd advise you to skip this review and take a look at The Rest Falls Away instead.

This book opens with Victoria navigating her "normal" life as a wealthy widow in London society. Increasingly she feels ill at ease there, where just a few years ago it was all she lived and breathed. Now she feels more at ease with a stake in her hand, chasing vampires through dark alleys in the worst parts of town.

When a new and increasingly dire danger presents itself, Victoria is ready to spring to action, organizing the other Venators with self-confidence and skill. The demons that are on the brink of invading the world in immeasurable numbers are not just a threat to humans; they are bent on destroying vampires as well. It seems that a temporary truce with the perfidious vampire queen, Lilith, is needed in order to procure the items necessary to seal the demon portal. But it is perfectly clear that the vampire cannot be trusted.

Victoria has come a long way since she first agreed to take up the responsibilities of leading the Venators, and her path has been long and arduous. This book sees her making her most difficult decisions yet, including a choice between the two men who have fought by her side for such a long time. As always, I enjoyed the creepy atmosphere and flashes of humor, as well as the taut pacing and character-driven action. Mysteries from earlier books are finally revealed in this one, including the true nature of the Venators' advisor, Wayren, which certainly came as a surprise to this reader. I have read that there may be future books written in the Gardella Chronicles world that feature other characters, but Colleen Gleason's next books, according to her website, are in a new and unrelated series that will be published in 2010. I am looking forward to reading them!

Books in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles:
1. The Rest Falls Away
2. Rises the Night
3. The Bleeding Dusk
4. When Twilight Burns
5. As Shadows Fade

As Shadows Fade (#5 in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles) by Colleen Gleason (Signet Eclipse, 2009)

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Literary Escapism: "The story is fabulous; Gleason leaves the reader wanting more without leaving them hanging; and all of the characters have fabulous personalities that fit so well into the story."
A Reader's Journal: "Although I've been waiting with white knuckles for this book, it seems like the whole trip went just way too fast."
Stuff as Dreams Are Made On: "I’m quite upset that the series is over and there are no more adventures with this amazing crew, but it ended in such a way that I’m satisfied as well."


  1. Loved this Max all the way!! I was so sad when this came to an end, but it is a good series to reread:)

  2. This is one series I could not get in to. My friend (sassymonkey) lent me the first - and maybe second? - book and I just did not like them at all.

    Sad though, because I like when I enjoy a series because it gives me more books to read. heh.

  3. I was so sad to see this series end, but Colleen's alter ego (Colleen under the pen name Joss Ware -- I hope I got that right) has a new series and the first book will be released in 2010. Wahoo! I hope it's as fun. :)

  4. Mandi - I'm glad you enjoyed this series. I was happy the books came out so quickly, so there wasn't a ton of waiting around and wondering.

    Cat - I'm sorry this one did not work for you. It is not among my absolute favorite favorites, but I did enjoy it. There's something about a Regency-era Buffy-type slayer trying to navigate corsets and coiffures and balls and busybody aunts and creepy vampires that just tickles me.

    Bookfool - I wonder if that is the series she mentions on her website that is due to be published in 2010. All these pen names can be so confusing! I think the publishers underestimate readers and the range of books they are willing to explore. But that's just me. :-p

  5. I too was sad when the series ended. I enjoyed each and every one of these and felt like the series just got better and better with each volume. I am really happy for the response that Colleen got with this series and look forward to reading her next.

  6. Carl - I agree about them getting better and better. It makes me even more excited to read the new series, to see what new directions she's going to take with her writing.


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