Saturday, August 1, 2009

Japanese Literature Challenge 3!

I'm so happy that Bellezza has announced the start of Japanese Literature Challenge 3! It does not seem like three years ago that I took the plunge into my very first reading challenge with the first annual Japanese Literature Challenge. And it occurred to me today that these challenges have come to be the same sort of signposts as the turning the leaves, my annual ski trip, and the first week of school as I make my way through the year. What would the Halloween season be, I ask you, without Carl's R.I.P. Challenge? Not nearly as fun, that's for sure!

For this challenge Bellezza asks that you read just one work of Japanese origin between now and January 30, 2010. You may of course read more than one, but to complete the challenge, one is all it takes. Literature is great, but so are biographies, poetry, short stories and manga. She is planning all kinds of fun and creative giveaways that you will not want to miss. Then post the link to your review on the review site. She even offers a list of book suggestions for those who are interested in signing up for the challenge but aren't sure where to start.

I am thinking of reading the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, and I hope to be able to read more than one (although I know I'll be reading plenty of manga between now and the end of January).


  1. Lots of people have mentioned that they're planning on reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, including myself! You're the one who first inspired me to read Manga, Darla, so I'm awfully glad you joined this time and the first. Also, I know what you mean about this Challenges seeming to mark the season. I like traditions, and I'm really glad you joined in again!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Bellezza - it is going to be fun! It is oddly coincidental, but I actually purchased the audio version of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle from Audible because it's narrated by the same guy who does the Skulduggery Pleasant books. He's fabulous. I clicked on his name to see what other books he's done, and when I read the description of that one, I thought it sounded intriguing. Synchronicity!

  3. I loved the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle! It's seriously weird, though, even by Murakami standards. Happy reading :D

  4. Nymeth - Well, weird is good, right? And I'm glad to hear you loved it. At any rate, with Rupert Degas reading it, I'm sure it will be excellent. The phone book would be excellent if he read it, probably. :-)


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