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This second volume in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series continues the story of Elena, the only known female werewolf, who was introduced in the first book, Bitten. Elena is a headstrong young woman who is slowly learning to accept her life as a werewolf, along with everything that entails, along with her relationship with the Clay, the man who changed her into a wolf - without giving her a choice in the matter - in the first place.

While the first book falls more in to the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre, this one is more an action/adventure novel. A very wealthy sociopath has come to learn of the existence of supernatural beings, and he is using his not inconsiderable resources to kidnap and collect various people, from vampires and shamans to witches and demons. He has set up science labs and has recruited doctors and scientists in an attempt to isolate and take advantage of those biological properties that give the supernatural beings their powers. Elena is approached by two witches who would like the werewolf pack to become involved in locating and stopping this man, but Elena - who hadn't considered the existence of other supernaturals beyond werewolves, is surprised and suspicious. It's not long, however, before she is on the inside of the supernatural menagerie, and it soon becomes obvious that the extra strength of one lone werewolf won't be terribly helpful in the face of armed guards, strong cells, sedatives and security cameras.

While I wasn't entirely captivated by the first book in this series, I found this second book to be much stronger, with greater character development and tighter pacing. Now that Elena is not railing against her personal situation and is focused on something outside herself, I find her a much more compelling character. There were a few issues that stretched my suspension of disbelief (e.g. - and possible spoiler here - if it is such an extremely rare situation for her to have survived the change as a female werewolf, it seems just a little too convenient that the one other woman who is infected with the virus should also survive).

I like the fact that this series does not focus on the same protagonist with each book, and that the next one will be branching out to different woman who are supernaturals in this fascinating world that Armstrong has created. I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

Books in the Women of the Otherworld series:
1. Bitten
2. Stolen
3. Dime Store Magic
4. Industrial Magic
5. Haunted
6. Broken
7. No Humans Involved
8. Personal Demon
9. Living with the Dead

Stolen (#2 in the Women of the Otherworld series) by Kelley Armstrong (Viking, 2002)

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  1. Great review, and that's an interesting point about the other female were surviving the change.
    While I liked this book - it's true, it's more of an action book!-I like Bitten better. Not that I didn't find this one great, it was just very chilling !!!

  2. Carolyn - Have you read on in the series? I hope you continue to like it. Yes, this one was chilling. I liked that by putting Elena in this awful situation it enabled her to figure some things out on her own, separated from her pack, and I think that made her stronger. Also, I like that she did not have to rely on anyone to rescue her!

  3. I'm going to have to commit to reading this series in 2010.

  4. Beth - I'll be interested to hear what you think of it!

  5. Thanks for linking to me!

    I have kept reading the series, and they are of a consistently high quality. I now count Kelley Armstrong as one of my favourite authors!

  6. Marg - My pleasure. :-) I'm glad I continued on with the series, and it's good to hear you continue to enjoy it. I'm looking forward to reading #3!

  7. Isn't this neat?! Armstrong's YA series kind of reminds me of this particular book. Hope you enjoy the others :)

  8. Ladytink - Thanks! I sure have a long way to go - but it is nice to have them waiting for me, if you know what I mean. :-)


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