Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kith: The Good Neighbors, Book Two

I was excited to see this second installment in writer Holly Black and illustrator Ted Naifeh's collaborative Good Neighbors teen graphic novel series. The first volume, Kin, was an intriguing start to the series, and I've been wondering what was going to happen to Rue, our heroine, who discovered some disturbing truths about her life in the first book.

I have to mention how delighted I was to open this book and find a one-page synopsis titled "What Has Come Before." It gives a summary of the first book, which I appreciated because with all the books I read, a refresher comes in handy and gives me a framework for the current story. Thank you, Holly Black!

At any rate, the story picks up where the first book left off. At the end of the first book, Rue discovers that her mother is not, in fact, dead, and that the body that had been buried in her grave is just a mass of twigs and leaves. She travels to faerie to confront her mother, only to discover that her grandfather has some disturbing plans for her hometown, plans that will change it irrevocably. However, it seems that even without her grandfather's nefarious plans hanging over her head, Rue's world has already changed. Her friends are behaving strangely, her boyfriend in particular, and her father is someone she hardly recognizes. She learns, also, that the land of faerie is not without its own insidious temptations. Rue's half human, half faerie heritage pulls her in two different directions, and Rue will need to be strong in order to prevent herself from being pulled apart.

The first book in this series set the stage and introduced the characters. This second book sees events swing into full motion. Rue is having a difficult time of it all around, and her struggles make for a compelling tale. Naifeh's stark and shadowy black-and-white illustrations combine perfectly with the text to create an atmospheric depiction of the story. Once again, the book ends at a crucial moment in Rue's life, leaving me waiting impatiently for the next installment in the series.

Books in The Good Neighbors series:
1. Kin
2. Kith

(#2 in The Good Neighbors series) by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh (Graphix, 2009)

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  1. I can't wait to read this! This one is up for a Cybil this year but I'm waiting for the first one to come in from the library first so I can read the whole thing.

  2. Nicola - It's definitely important to read this in order. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog, and I'm already a fan. As a bibliophile myself, I enjoy hearing what books other people have to suggest. I've heard good things about Kith.

  4. Hi!
    I just discovered your blog and I was wondering if you have ever read the Kiki Strike books. I think Kiki is the best YA series of all time, and I highly recommend them. The author, Kirsten Miller, is coming out with a new book this summer, "The Eternal Ones," that is supposed to be a dark romance novel that I'm really looking forward to as well as the third installment in Kiki Strike.
    I hope you have the time to check them out!

  5. Revolutionary - Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! It's always great to meet another bibliophile.

    Gucci - I'm glad you are enjoying the Kiki Strike books. I read the first one earlier this year, and there's a link to my review on the sidebar if you're interested. :-)

  6. I must check and see if the library has bought this yet!

  7. Kailana - One side benefit to this whole book blogging thing is that other bloggers remind me of when favorite authors have new books out, so I usually get on the list in time. But not always. :p


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