Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dead Girls Are Easy

Following a near-death experience, former Goth-chick turned small business owner Nicki Styx finds that she can see ghosts. Worse than that, they can see her - and they all have something they need her to do for them. The one good thing about her ordeal is the very sexy young doctor who worked so hard to save her life - she could see him working feverishly to save her as she floated above her body in the operating room. Of course it's not easy to deal with a potential new relationship when she may possibly be going insane - and even if she's not crazy, who wants to be with someone who sees dead people?

Luckily Nicki has her best friend, Evan, to help keep her grounded and stay on the right track with her life. But when her friend Caprice, who owns a nearby store, dies in a nasty fall down the stairs - and Caprice's boyfriend is carted off to jail for pushing her, Nicki's life gets even more complicated. Caprice's ghost appears to her that night, demanding that she do something to get her boyfriend released because he was not the one who pushed her. What can Nicki do? Caprice seems unlike the other spirits she's seen so far, though, and there is a menace to her presence that does not bode well. Soon Nicki is more kinds of trouble than she could ever have imagined.

This is a promising start to a new mystery series. While the idea of seeing ghosts and being pestered by them for favors is nothing new, Nicki is an engaging character, and her friendship with Evan as well as her romance with Joe brought the story to life and made me care about them. The mystery was intriguing as well, particularly when Nicki turns to Caprice's Granny Julep, who knows a thing or two about voodoo, for some help. I remain a bit skeptical of some of the coincidences, but who knows - maybe things will be explained in a more believable way in future books, as there are quite a few questions about Nicki that remain to be explored. This should definitely appeal to fans of light supernatural mysteries with a romantic angle. I look forward to reading the next book soon - and I'd like to thank Ladytink for introducing me to this fun series in the first place!

Books in the Nicki Styx series:
1. Dead Girls Are Easy
2. A Match Made in Hell

3. You're the One that I Haunt

4. Silent Night, Haunted Night

Dead Girls Are Easy (#1 in the Nicki Styx series) by Terri Garey (Avon, 2007)

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  1. Isn't this such a neat story?! Unfortunately my library doesn't have any more of them :(

  2. Ladytink - My library didn't even own this when I read your review. I suggested we buy some copies - the book won an award, which I mentioned when I suggested it to the collection management dept. They bought a bunch of copies, and they're all circulating well, I'm glad to say. Now I see we have ordered the next one, so maybe your library will, too. You can always suggest it - maybe you'll get lucky, too!


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