Monday, December 14, 2009

My Review Policy

I am a children's librarian, and about 95% of the books I review on this blog are from the library.  Unless otherwise noted, the books that I review are all from either my own collection or my public library.

I occasionally accept review copies from publishers and writers - typically only if the book is not in my library's collection. I make mention in my review that the book in question is a review copy.

If I cannot finish the book (as has happened, on occasion, either with awkward writing or a plethora of typos, etc.), I do not post a review, nor do I post one if I simply have nothing positive to say about the book.

I do not advertise books for payment, or write positive reviews in return for review copies of books. There are no ads on my site. I blog because I like it; I review books because it's fun, and I enjoy discussing books and reading with other book lovers. I am passionate about literacy, and I love spreading the word about good books for kids that just might tip the balance and turn a child into a reader for life.

I write what I think about books - it's just my opinion, and I try to be fair and honest. I have a background in English literature and a couple of graduate degrees, which may or may not add any weight or substance to anything I have to say. Probably not.

Please query about sending me copies of books to review. I typically read and review children's middle grade readers of all kinds, graphic novels, and teen fiction. I would love to review more picture books, but I often simply don't have the time. Fiction for adults that I tend to read includes fantasy of all kinds, science fiction, mysteries, and whatever other book happens to catch my fancy. I don't read as much nonfiction, but I enjoy biographies and memoirs, cookbooks, and other books about cooking and food.

I try to read and review books received in a timely manner. However, if I simply don't feel like reading a particular kind of book, I tend to wait till I'm in a receptive mood for it - I like to like books, and I want to have the best reading experience possible, and write positive reviews to go along with it.

Unless otherwise noted, all the books I review here I have checked out (or downloaded) from my local public library.

Please address any inquiries to darladarlad (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. I am so glad these days are behind me. ;) 2010 will be more stress free

  2. Looks like a clear and well-thought-out review policy to me. Good for you!

  3. J. Kaye - Here's to stress-free living (whatever that is)! LOL

    Jen - Thanks! Yes, I thought it was about time to articulate my thoughts and intentions.

  4. It's always good have a review policy. Good job.

  5. Thanks, Beth! As I said, I thought it was about time to think it through and make one up.

  6. Thanks for this clear and well thought out review policy. I'd like to submit my biography of Lewis Carroll to you - it's called THE MYSTERY OF LEWIS CARROLL. I could send you a copy and you could take a look in your own time, if that suits you? Jenny Woolf

  7. Hi, Jenny - Thanks for stopping by! I rarely read biographies, and I have so many books in my pile right now that I hesitate to accept a copy at this point. But thank you for offering!


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