Thursday, December 10, 2009

One More Bite

Jaz Parks, CIA assassin who died but came back with a mission, goes to Scotland in this fifth installment of the Jaz Parks series. This time she and her team (and there are only three of them on this assignment) are supposed to eliminate an assassin who is purportedly there to kill the leader of a poweful coven of witches. These are not nice and kind nature witches, either, but a group of people who perform heinous acts for their own personal gain. It galls Jaz to have to protect this horrible woman, but it's her job, and she's going to do it the best she can.

There are, of course, complications. The first one is that somehow Jaz's father, a retired marine with whom Jaz has a rather bumpy relationship, has insinuated himself into the group. The mission is difficult enough without all the emotional baggage that has been dragged into it. And then there's the situation with sweet, sexy Cole, a co-worker who is still hoping with a chance with her, when Jaz finds that the only man for her is Vayl, her even sexier vampire boss. The fact that she does care for Cole makes things even tougher. There's also Brude, a powerful, kilt-wearing Scottish ghost who seems to have plans for her. And the fact that the assassin is rumored to be a Medusa, with control over all kinds of deathly poisonous snakes isn't much fun, either. Worst of all, Jaz keeps having distressing visions in which the features of Edward Samos, the malignant vampire she'd finally managed to eliminate in a previous book, appear on various people as she's talking to them. Is it her imagination, a warning, a threat? As usual, all these issues combine to give Jaz plenty to keep her busy, as mysteries, romantic tension, and malicious intent are ever increasing - as is the fun.

I adore this series. With each successive book my expectations grow higher, to the point that I'm almost worried that the next one is sure to be a letdown, but Rardin delivers every time. What I seem to forget about between installments is how darn funny these books are. I laugh out loud constantly when I read them, yet the stories are not actually funny in and of themselves - they have many dark and disturbing elements. It's Jaz's voice, the way she tells it, her descriptions and the dialogue, that add all the humor - often at Jaz's own expense. The combination of tight plot, quirky, believable characters, intriguing mystery, supernatural elements, action and humor is irresistible to me. I am looking forward to the next book in the series, but I almost hate to read it, because I have no idea when the next book will come out, and it will be a long, sad wait.

Books in theJaz Parks series:
1. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
3. Biting the Bullet
5. One More Bite
6. Bite Marks

One More Bite (#5 in the Jaz Parks series) by Jennifer Rardin (Orbit, 2009)

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Ellz Reads: "This series is so much fun to read, there is something for everyone. Guns, action, paranormals, high-tech gadgets and magic lead the story from beginning to end."


  1. You wouldn't believe how many series I'm behind on! I think I need to read the fourth one in this series still.

  2. Ladytink - I always send you mental hugs whenever I read one of these books, because you persuaded me to try them even though I felt overwhelmed by paranormal series at the time. I'm so glad you did! :-)


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