Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jeeves: Joy in the Morning

I do love to listen to the audio versions of the Jeeves and Wooster books, and this BBC audio production has the added benefit of being a full-cast radio production, with actors performing the various parts.  What a lot of fun it was!

The story opens with Bertie getting railroaded into renting a house in the country in order to give his uncle a place to meet secretly to discuss a business merger.  But of course such a straightforward plan is immediately derailed as events conspire, once again, to make Bertie's life as complicated as possible.  A good deed from a boy scout renders him homeless, and Bertie finds himself desperately trying to avoid becoming re-engaged to Florence Craye - and avoid getting beaten up by her current fiance, an old school chum.  I hesitate to say more, because so much of these books is in the telling, and it is best to allow the plot to unfold under the masterful narration of Bertie Wooster himself. 

The Jeeves and Wooster stories are delightful, and and I am thankful there are so many of them.  Once I've finished with the novels, I'll move on to the stories, and then onto whatever else I can find that Wodehouse has written.  If you enjoy a good farce, wonderfully humorous characters and dialogue, and a plot that will twist and turn and twist again, what are you waiting for?  Jump on in - you'll love these books!

Books in the Jeeves and Wooster novel series:
1. Thank You, Jeeves
2. Right Ho, Jeeves
3. The Code of the Woosters
4. Jeeves in the Morning (U.K. title Joy in the Morning)
5. Mating Season
6. Return of Jeeves
7. Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit
8. How Right You Are, Jeeves
9. Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves
10. Jeeves and the Tie That Binds
11. Cat-Nappers

Jeeves: Joy in the Morning (#4 in the Jeeves and Wooster series) by P.G. Wodehouse (BBC Audiobooks, 2006; originally published in 1946)

Source:  My local public library

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Let's Eat, Grandpa!: "Wodehouse weaves together a hilarious, ridiculous plot that dips and turns and has each of the characters in different scrapes, out of which they must escape — almost always with Jeeves’ expert help."
Steph and Tony Investigate:  "There is such playfulness in Wodehouse’s pen, and without his delivery, so much of what he sets up would fall flat. But his words and wit are so lively and sharp, it’s really something to behold."


  1. Maybe one day I'll get around to these...

  2. Oh, P.G. Wodehouse! My father used to read those books to me starting when I was 7 and had scarlet fever. We used to laugh until we cried. I've also enjoyed the BBC series with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. I should read one for old times' sake-nobody's funnier than Wodehouse.

  3. Ladytink - I hope so. They are such a pleasure to read!

    Willow - I'm excited to hear you enjoyed these when you were so young. Maybe I'll try an audiobook with my kids on our next car trip. I have been meaning to get the seasons of the Laurie and Fry series and watch them all in order at some point. Maybe my kids would enjoy those, too! We'll give it a try.


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