Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Antsy Does Time

Anthony "Antsy" Bonano returns in this engrossing sequel to The Schwa Was HereHe's a little older and wiser now, but still he is unprepared for the discovery that Gunnar, one of his classmates, is suffering from a terminal illness.  He feels helpless to do much about the situation, but when, on impulse, he pulls out a sheet of paper and gives Gunnar a form bequeathing him a month from Antsy's own life, that one simple act of generosity and compassion has massively unintended consequences.  Antsy also finds himself falling head over heels for Gunnar's amazingly beautiful older sister - and he has a sneaking suspicion that she might actually be interested in him.

I loved returning to Antsy's world, revisiting his family and friends, and hearing his strong, smart narration of the events in his life. 
Shusterman narrates this audiobook himself, and he does a marvelous job.  The characters shine, and the humor is the icing on the cake.  While it's not strictly necessary to read the two books in order, as each is a self-contained story, I'd recommend it, as there are a few key elements of the first book that are addressed here, and the payoff is much higher if the reader doesn't know certain things ahead of time.  This is one of those YA books that has appeal to both older and younger readers than its target audience, which makes it a good choice for long family car rides.  I highly recommend both of Shusterman's books about sweet, funny Antsy.

Antsy Does Time by Neal Shusterman; narrated by Neal Shusterman (Listening Library, 2008)


  1. I realise this sounds horribly shallow of me, but I love it when a book with a cover this cute sounds really good :P I'll make sure I read the series in order, though.

  2. Nymeth - I guess we're both shallow, then, because I do love when that happens, too! I'd love your thoughts on these some day.

  3. I'm surprised more people haven't reviewed this book. It was so funny and very clever.

  4. Adrianne - I agree! There's so much going on in this book, some of it pretty heavy and a little dark, but it's also very funny. I'm glad you enjoyed it, too!


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