Thursday, October 14, 2010

Devastating disappointment

How can this be?  I cannot believe it!  Rupert Degas, the amazingly talented actor who has thus far narrated every audiobook in the Skulduggery Pleasant series, is NOT the reader of the most recent installment in the series, Mortal Coil.  As far as my kids and I are concerned, Rupert Degas is the voice of Skulduggery Pleasant.  I'm sure the narrator who has replaced him in this most recent book is a fine, upstanding citizen, but as Skulduggery audiobook fans from way back, my girls and I are tremendously dismayed. 

We have all been hoping that when they make the film, which according to IMDB is scheduled for 2013, Degas will do Skulduggery's voice.  If the producers are smart, they'll sign him on - nobody could possibly do a better job.  So now my kids and I have to decide whether or not to just read this one together, or try to contain our disappointment and listen to the audio version with a new narrator.  The votes were split this morning, so we'll see what the consensus is once they've had time to reflect.  I think that once we get pulled into the action-packed adventure that is to be counted on in any Skulduggery book, we'll be happy to go along for the ride.  But still, it's a major disappointment.  Sigh.


  1. Don't tinker with a winning recipe. Now why would they even bother trying a new reader? There are a few readers that I would select a book just on the basis that they are the reader. This fellow definitely sounds like one of those.

  2. No! That's not even a little bit right... I love listening to him - he really gives the book its own life. Oh, people and their ideas...

  3. Heather - I agree! I cannot figure out why - no mention is made of the reason for the change anywhere I've looked. We are listening to it, though - the book is wonderful so far, but we really miss Degas.

    Denise - It is a bummer, isn't it?!

  4. Hi, Darla,

    I stumbled across this blogpost when trying to find out why they had gone and replaced Rupert Degas for this last book. I've mainlined the first four audiobooks in the last month or so and am desperate to move straight on to the last one (having just heard the end of Dark Days today), but I'm worried about the narrator change. I love Rupert's interpretation of all the characters so much, I can't imagine what it would be without him.

    Is it worth continuing with the audiobook and the new narrator or should I go for the actual book instead and try and hear Rupert as I'm reading it?



  5. Hi, Cat - Thanks for stopping by. Well, it took me a while but I finally did listen to the audio version of the recent one, and if I hadn't previously listened to Degas do the other ones, I probably would have thought it was fine. But honestly, there is no comparison between the two readers. The new guy made Billy Ray sound like Donkey from Shrek, not the creepy serial killer he is. Plus there was no creepy music or other fun production extras, which was also disappointing. So, sadly, I think I would advise you to just read the book, and try to hear Rupert as you go. The book itself is wonderful! Please stop back and let me know what you think.

    Also, sorry to take so long to reply! I moved to comment moderation for older comments because of spam problems, and I always forget to check for waiting comments!

  6. Derek Landy's books are wonderful on their own, but as an audiobook fan, Rupert Degas is all around tremendous, and the main reason I've been so hooked.

    I will certainly continue to read this series to the end, but I will not be listening to, or buying any more audios. It's a real shame too. I can't even bring myself to give the new narrator a try, it just would not be the same.

    Why Harper Collins passed up the opportunity to continue working with him, I'm not so sure. But like you said...maybe they will keep an open mind for any future films.

    Degas-Skulduggery 2013! He's got my vote! :)

  7. Lauren - I feel your pain! I hope HarperCollins comes to their senses with this next book - and yes, let's hope for a Degas/Skulduggery movie character! That would be amazing.


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