Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope those of you who celebrate it will have a wonderful Halloween!

Do you or your kids have any special costumes in the works?  My older daughter is going to be Skulduggery Pleasant, and my younger daughter is going to be a zombie bride.  Should be fun!

One of their favorite things to do, which I also adored as a child, is to dump out their candy bags when the trick-or-treating is through, and sort through their loot.  It is fun to see which candy they prize and which they could care less about.  We certainly have different tastes!  Although I'd have to say that I'm way pickier than they are.  Certain things simply aren't worth the calories.

I wasn't that picky as a kid, though, but I do remember being really disappointed to get MaryJanes and Mounds.  Oh, and those marshmallow peanut-shaped things.  One of my neighbors used to cut up Hershey bars, right through the wrapper, and hand out small pieces of them, which we thought was hopelessly lame.  Another neighbor used to make candy apples on sticks, which were delicious.  My favorite candies were just classic chocolate - yum! - and peanut butter cups.

What about you?  Did you have favorite candy?  Or was there a kind that you hated?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Halloween isn't celebrated in my country, so I have no memories to share - but I very much enjoy reading yours! Happy Halloween, Darla :D

  2. You're welcome to come trick-or-treating with us anytime, Nymeth! :-)

  3. Those little kraft caramel squares and peanut butter cups. Mini chocolate bars went first even though I wasn't a huge chocolate fan (still not) but somehow the mini-ness of them makes them extra exciting. ha!

    LOVE that your eldest is going as Skulduggery! Literary halloween costumes are the best!

  4. I loved doing the post-trick-or-treating candy-sorting. My little sister was allergic to peanuts, and my older sister didn't like anything that wasn't chocolate, so I got a lot of good candy from both of them! :p

  5. Cat - Oh, I do love the chocolate, and especially those mini ones! The kids looked great - I'll send you some photos once I upload them.

    Jenny - Wow, it sounds like you definitely scored on Halloween! Tonight my kids and their friends came out with a bowl for the adults of their reject candy, and the only thing it in was Milk Duds. Blech. But they did share some of the good stuff with us. :-)

  6. i LOVE those marshmallow peanuts. or i did in the past. also, Mounds are only so-so; i can like them in the right mood. your neighbor chopping up the Herschey bar was TOTALLY lame. even on a fixed income you can buy candy corn. that shit is cheap, cheap, cheap! i never liked the peanutbutter candies wrapped in black and orange wax paper. even though we gave those out some years.


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