Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Nook! Merry Christmas to Me!

Yes!  It's my very first ebook reader.  I had considered asking Santa for a Kindle, but I really wanted something I could use to check out ebooks from my public library's ebook collection, and as of now the Kindle is not compatible. 

I love that it's in color, because I can view picture books with my kids and - I hope - graphic novels at some point, although I haven't seen any available at my library yet.  You can also read magazines, which is definitely better in color.  Barnes and Noble sells subscriptions, and books of course, and they also offer a bunch of public domain books that are free - for some reason Dracula and Pride and Prejudice uploaded themselves without any action on my part, which is fine with me.

So far (with a little frustration, but eventually I worked it out) I have managed to transfer a book from my library as well as a book from Google's e-book collection (It's a G. K. Chesterton book, the first of the Father Brown stories, which I've been meaning to try for ages).

The color Nook is a bit heavier than the black and white one, which is a down side, plus the battery doesn't work as long.  But color is fun!  And I love gadgetry, the more colorful, the better.

Can an e-book reader replace beloved ink-and-paper books?  Not at this point in my life!  But it's great to have this additional format, along with the fun stuff that comes with it.  For example, you can highlight passages and add notes - and if you lend the book to a friend, the friend can see your notes.  You can also highlight a word and look it up in dictionary or on Wikipedia, if you have a wireless connection. I love the fact that I can load a whole bunch of books on it before going on a trip - I tend to way over-pack books because I get book panic - that awful feeling when you're on a delayed flight and you worry that you're going to run out of books!  I hate that.

Have you made the switch to ebooks yet?  What do you think?  Or are you adamantly refusing to budge from ink and paper?  As much as I am enjoying my Nook so far, there is one thing it can't offer - that wonderful new-book smell!


  1. I have a school Kindle that I can use, and I think you were right to get a Nook. At this point, I am kind of holding out for an EnTourage eDGe ( which looks like the real wave of the future! Have fun with your toy! There are a ton of vintage books available for free, too.

  2. Hmm. I still cannot decide if I want the Nook or the Kindle! AND I am not a fan of reading words on the computer. Is it like that??? I do want an e-reader so I'll have to think so more!

  3. My books are paper. PAPER! Gah!

    I don't think I will be getting an ereader any time soon. Financial issues aside, I much prefer to have a real, true bound book in my hands when I read something. I am not a fan of looking at words on a screen.

    However the colourized ereaders are starting to look more appealing to me. ;) I know my husband wants one but I'm just not a gadgety person. I can get the software for my iPhone so maybe one day I'll break down and download some free books on it and try it out. But I just can't get my head around it not being paper. ;)

  4. Congratulations!!! What a fun toy.

    I will probably go with the Kindle eventually since I can read the library books on my iPhone. Still, the ink and paper books are my favorite format. There is something about the tactile interaction that really comforts me. But I do love a good gadget!

    Hope you thoroughly enjoy your Nook!

  5. I've had the black and white Nook since spring, and just love it. I don't consider it a replacement for physical books, I think of it as the "electronic wing" of my library. Because, really, who among us has enough room for all the books we want to have. Especially those of us who want ALL of the books :-)

    One Nook tip: Barnes & Noble gives away an ebook every've got to download it on the day though, if you wait till Saturday, you're too late!

    Hopefully the link below will work, if not, go to the "Nook" tab on the B&N site, scroll down till you see the "Stay Connected" box...the third link in the box is "Read Our Blog: Unbound". The free book title, with link, is listed there every Friday, usually by noon (EST)

  6. I quite love my nook too. I have the black and white one but the color seems so nice.. maybe I could say I need a color one too in case I need to read a magazine on it? :)

  7. I haven't had enough exposure to e-readers yet to make an informed decision on them. They look like they'd be great in some ways (so lovely and portable), and not so good in others (can't flip through the way you can with print books).

  8. Janicu - Oh, yes, I think you need the color one, too. You can't have too many books - or nooks? Lol.

    Jenny - I agree - there are advantages and disadvantages. I like to think of it as just another format - the way you like a paperback to take on a trip because it's lighter and more portable, etc.

  9. Cat - I only just now realized my replies to some of these comments never posted - and when I went to repost them, there was an error and they all disappeared. Ack! Anyway, I wish I had an iPhone, although the screen may be a little small for easy e-reading. that's funny that you are not a gadgety person but you have an iPhone!

    Fuzzycricket - I do love ink and paper books best - but I was delighted to discover I could read in the dark on a recent long car ride! I'd love to know what you think of the Kindle if you ever do get one.

    Susan - I feel the same way - it's just another format, and the more, the better (particularly as the books take up very little space, which is a good thing in my life right now). Thanks so much for that tip - I had no idea! I will make a reminder in my calendar to stop by every Friday to see what's on!


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