Monday, January 24, 2011

Bitten in Two

Reading this seventh installment in the Jaz Parks series was a bittersweet experience, given this author's sudden death a few months ago.  I have enjoyed this series since I took the plunge, despite having so many other series on my plate, and I have never looked back.  Great writing, fantastic characters, quirky sense of humor, and plots that never fail to surprise and entertain - what's not to like?  Jaz is the leader of a supernatural band of U.S. agents (CIA assassins), and this book opens with Jaz reeling because Vayl, the vampire she works with and has fallen for, hard, has been cursed so that he has no memories of her.  At all.  He thinks he is in a time period that has long since passed, and when he looks at Jaz, all he perceives is a middle-aged, frumpy housekeeper - his servant, of all things.  On top of this, Jaz is expected to pull her team together and get the job done.  Loved it!  I'm pleased that the final book in this series was apparently completed before Rardin's death, but I'm so saddened by the loss of such a young, enormously talented writer.

Books in the Jaz Parks series:
7. Bitten in Two

Bitten in Two (#7 in the Jaz Parks series) by Jennifer Rardin (Orbit, 2010)

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