Friday, January 21, 2011

Past the Size of Dreaming

This wonderful book picks up the story that began in A Red Heart of Memories, which details the adventures of a young woman who has the ability to communicate with inanimate, man-made objects, and a young man who, one night when he was a teenager, was granted the ability to do magic by a ghost.  Sounds strange and ridiculous, I know, but trust me - when you open a page of a book by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, not only will the most bizarre situations make perfect sense, but you will feel transported inside the story, and you will come to care so much about her characters that it will feel like you've lost some wonderful friends when it comes time to close the book.  Anyone who enjoys fantasy fiction will love her books, particularly fans of Charles de Lint - as would anyone in a reading rut looking for a beautifully written, quirky and surprising story.  While A Stir of Bones was written after A Red Heart of Memories and this one, I recommend reading it first, then these two.  I do hope there will be more about these characters - there is still so much left to explore! 

Books in the Red Heart of Memories series:
3. Past the Size of Dreaming

Past the Size of Dreaming (#3 in the Red Heart of Memories series) by Nina Kiriki Hoffman (Ace, 2001)

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