Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Midnight Gate

This sequel to Spellbinder picks up two months after the events of the first book left off, with our heroine, Belladonna Johnson, living at home with her ghostly parents.  Things are back to normal - too back to normal, she thinks.  It's almost as though all the excitement (and fear) of the earlier events never happened.  Her friend Steve, who's been through everything with her, practically ignores her at school, and despite the fact that Belladonna is the Spellbinder, all the adults who are involved in the spirit world seem to think she must wait until she is older to learn more about her powers and responsibilities.

Then she goes on a class field trip to a haunted abbey, and she and Steve are given a strange map.  Ghosts disappear - including Belladonna's parents - and she is whisked off to live at an unsettling foster home with a couple who appear to have diabolical plans for Belladonna.  Once again she and Steve must work together, knowing very little about the otherworld and what they need to do to combat the powerful forces of the Queen of the Abyss.

Belladonna is a strong heroine, and readers will be sure to identify with her as she struggles to unravel the complex tangle of mysteries that her life has become.  The adults in her life appear to be a little too clueless and unwilling to share relevant information with her, though - they seem to be testing her, as she is very young for such responsibilities, but considering what is at stake I found it just a bit over the top for them to be so unhelpful.  But readers will be sure to appreciate the fact that despite their ignorance, Belladonna and Steve - as well as the feisty ghost Elsie - use their ingenuity and combine their various skills and talents to put up one heck of a fight.

Readers who enjoy action-packed fantasy such as the Sisters Grimm series, Percy Jackson or Diane Duane's Wizard series should find this one very appealing.  It combines mystery, action, and a dash of wry humor, and with its continual twists, turns, and revelations, it will keep readers guessing all along the way.

Books in the Spellbinder series:
1. Spellbinder
2. The Midnight Gate  

The Midnight Gate (#2 in the Spellbinder series) by Helen Stringer (Feiwel and Friends, 2011)

Source:  Review copy received from author

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  1. This series does sound good. There are so many series out there, though, that I am not sure just how many I can humanly get to!

  2. Argh! I feel like Spellbinder is just taunting me with it's awesome beingness and I can't get a copy!! Grr! Argh! And now you're all "the sequel is out and it's a fun series!" I hate you so much right now. ;)

    I shall content myself with flipping the spellbinder bookmark I have back and forth since it's one of those hologrammy ones.

  3. Kailana - I know just how you feel! There are SO many series on my tbr list. The bright side is that the ones I commit to, because of everyone's great recommendations from all your wonderful blogs, tend to be really, really good. Things aren't nearly so hit or miss as they used to be for me. :-)

    Cat - I got Spellbinder out from the library. Otherwise I'd send a copy your way! If you get it and would like the sequel, let me know and I'll send you that.


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