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I read the first book in this series during R.I.P. Challenge time last year, so I was a little worried that I might have forgotten too much about the first book to fully enjoy this one.  But Rachel Hawkins does a nice job of recapping the events of the first book (without dragging down the pace of this sequel) so that I was quickly able to refresh my memory and continue on with the series.  I do recommend (as usual) that readers begin with the first book, though, because this one picks up where the first book (Hex Hall) ends, and while I do strive to avoid major spoilers in all my reviews, if you're at all interested in a teen boarding school story with fantastical elements and a dash of romance, please head to my review of the first book.

Teenage Sophie learned a lot about herself in the first book, including the fact that she is not a witch after all.  She is a demon, and she is so upset by the destructive potential of her powers that she has decided to undergo a dangerous ritual called the Removal, a process that will divest her of her powers - but potentially of her life as well.

Her father shows up, determined that she change her mind about the Removal, and before she knows it, Sophie is on her way to stay with her father in England.  There she learns all kinds of things about the dreaded Council and how they operate.  She also learns that Archer is in England - the boy she fell so madly for at school who turned out to be singularly untrustworthy.  She has conflicting feelings about his presence nearby, particularly when she runs into him in a pub in London...

This was a fun sequel to Hex Hall, and it did a great job of answering some of the questions raised in the first book while raising further intriguing questions that, I hope, will be addressed in the next installment.  Some of the plot elements were fairly obvious to me, to the point where I felt like shaking some of the characters to get them to see what was actually going on, but teen readers may not feel the same way.  The characters themselves, however, are interesting and complex enough that it kept me reading, and I did enjoy Sophie's bravery and tenacity, particularly as she is once again thrust into a completely new situation that she doesn't fully understand  The book ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger, but the next book will be released in the spring, so there won't be too long a wait.  I'll be looking forward to another action-packed ride. 

Books in the Hex Hall series:
1. Hex Hall
2. Demonglass
3. Spell Bound (March 2012) 

Demonglass (#2 in the Hex Hall series) by Rachel Hawkins (Hyperion, 2011)

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  1. I just reviewed this book for RIP 2011, and I totally agree. Can't wait for the third book to come out!

  2. I have been hearing good things about these books. I will have to check it out!

  3. Heidenkind - It's rough having to wait, isn't it?! Especially with this ending. :-(

    Kailana - It's a fun YA series that has some nice twists on frequent themes. You might want to wait till the next one comes out to avoid the cliffhanger wait!


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