Monday, November 14, 2011

We had a good run...

...but sadly, I had to bid my faithful old laptop goodbye a couple weeks ago.  I've had it so long I was a little surprised to count up the years we'd been together.  Seven?  Eight?  Maybe Santa will bring me a new one - I've been pretty good this year. :-)

So forgive me if I'm lag even further behind on my reviews during this busy, laptop-free time of year.  I can't kick my kids off their computer when they're trying to get their homework done (as tempted as I may be), but I will try to keep visiting everyone's blogs and posting here as much as I can.  


  1. I was worried this was a "I'm stopping my blog" post! Gah! Sorry to hear about your laptop. :( That sucks a lot. I'll send a note to Santa for you. ;)

  2. I was worried about the same thing as Cat!

    My computer died over the summer after 8 years. It was a good run, but I love my new one. :)

  3. Sorry about that - didn't mean to mislead you (but thanks for the nice thoughts!). Santa dropped off my new laptop early (probably got tired of the whining), so I'm curled up in my favorite chair with it right now. Yay!!!


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