Thursday, December 1, 2011

Something Deadly This Way Comes

This third book in the Madison Avery series features a teen who, in the first book, dies and becomes a reaper, one of a group of supernatural beings that fight over human souls.  Madison has been stirring things up a bit because she does not believe that they way things have always been done is necessarily the right way to do things.  In the second book, she was able to win over some unlikely allies to help as she tries to prove herself.  Her life is complicated by her relationship with Josh, a human boy who actually knows what's going on in her life and isn't completely freaked out by it all. When she finally discovers an opportunity to get her body back, which would enable her to go back to being a normal, teenage girl again,  Madison has some serious decisions to make.  But when she catches a glimpse into the future and sees flames and destruction - and the potential demise of a soul - she needs to focus on the here and now.  This continues to be an entertaining series.  I would personally prefer a little more depth to the characters, as with Harrison's Hollows series, but I think teens will be sure to enjoy the action-packed pace and interesting fantastical premise.

Books in the Madison Avery series:
1. Once Dead, Twice Shy
2. Early to Death, Early to Rise
3. Something Deadly This Way Comes 

Something Deadly This Way Comes (#3 in the Madison Avery series) by Kim Harrison (Harper, 2011)


  1. One day I really need to get reading Kim Harrison.

  2. I think the Hollows series definitely gets better as it goes along. It took me a few books before I really got hooked. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it!


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